The Third-Person Shooter Rocket Arena Is Out Now And So Is A New Trailer

The Third-Person Shooter Rocket Arena Is Out Now And So Is A New Trailer
Credit: IGN via YouTube

There are a lot of shooters available on the gaming marketplace currently, but one of the more unique is Rocket Arena. It features 3v3 action where rockets are the main resource put front and center. The game is actually now out on Steam and to celebrate, an official announcement trailer was just put out.

It gives us a better idea of the playable characters at launch. Each character’s suit and special abilities are broken down in greater detail. They should give players plenty of opportunities to find a particular playstyle they like most, whether it’s the beautiful Izell with hear spear-based rockets or Blastbeard with his more heavy-duty attacks.

If you’re interested in learning about the full list, you can either check out the most recent YouTube trailer up above or visit the game’s official website. It’s clear the developer was looking to provide a ton of variety out of the gate. That’s an important element of any shooter that makes players want to come back for novel experiences.

What’s also interesting about Rocket Arena is players have the chance to get back in the fight after taking too many hits that blast them out of the arena. That should keep matches going for a while. The more matches you play, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn rocket parts for your preferred character.

There are also plenty of ways to customize your character, giving them a more personal touch that suits your preferences perfectly. You’ll even have the ability to upgrade your characters’ stats and effects.

In terms of gameplay, Rocket Arena seems to have a pretty approachable design — but a high skill ceiling as well. Given that each character shoots rockets differently, you’ll have to take some time to master their particular characteristics. It looks like you’ll also have to be aware of meaningful details, such as the trajectory of other players, timing, and gadgets like mines.

These elements combined with the unique rockets should make for some pretty compelling 3v3 action. There are even different ways to play, including practice matches with RocketBots. They should help you get more familiar with each character and make it easier to refine your skills when you first get started.

So far, Rocket Arena is shaping up to be a pretty fun competitive shooter on Steam that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Rather, you can join together with two other buddies and strive for total domination on many visually appealing arenas.