The Steam Summer Sale Is Scheduled To Begin Today Bringing Massive Deals And New Profile Options

The Steam Summer Sale Is Scheduled To Begin Today Bringing Massive Deals And New Profile Options
Credit: NotAnAverageJoe via YouTube

Without fail, one of the greatest reasons to bring PC gaming into your standard line-up is the Steam platform in it’s entirety. From massive deals that consoles publishers frankly aren’t inclined to match to a massive repository of titles that you frankly won’t live long enough to explore, Valve’s Steam platform is consistently one of the standing reasons to experience the wondrous world of PC gaming.

Today, the Summer sale is scheduled to kick off: an event that has historically offered the steepest deals on the widest variety of titles.

While Steam has multiple events occurring throughout the year, occasionally with at least one event a month that brings surprisingly low prices to even triple-A titles. Hopefully, you’ve been thrifty and planning on the Steam sale to arrive, as it always does, at the tail-end of June; you’re about to find yourself considerably lighter in the wallet.

The Steam Summer Sale beings at 1000 PDT, or 1300 EST; expect considerable latency and connection issues as you attempt to load into the sale for the first three hours.

One way to mitigate this is by taking advantage of the Steam Wishlist feature; Steam will fire off an automated email to you if any of your wishlist items end up on sale (and it works even if there isn’t a sale event, say if it’s featured in a weekend deal).

This in mind, it’s wise to step through the inexhaustible library of Steam and mark anything that catches your eye on the wishlist; you’ll receive an email letting you know how steep those prices have fallen, even if you can’t log on immediately. Thankfully, we aren’t necessarily pressed for time; the Steam Summer Sale lasts for two weeks, giving everyone ample time to ponder and explore the discounts.

On top of the sales, it seems that Valve has a few more plans for this event if leaks are anything to go by. With new profile frames and profile colors, it’s currently unknown if this feature will be permanently or temporarily implemented.

It appears to be coming in tandem with each other in an upcoming Steam update.

It’s worth noting that the controversial leak, of adding more (arguably spammy and worthless) reactions to reviews, which are dangerously close to already becoming more of a meme spawning ground than anything worthwhile for the vast majority of Steam users. An interesting turn of events from a few short months ago, where Steam reviews were heralded as the pinnacle of PC gaming against the Epic Games Store.

Now is the time to crawl through Steam and mark literally everything that catches your eye. While the sales have admittedly been less exciting (and hosted less insane deals) since Steam was coerced into offering refunds (a move that is difficult to be pleased with), this is still the greatest opportunity to receive a massive slew of games to add to your library.