The Sims 4 Announces New Update For PC And Consoles To Resolve Household Loading Issues

The Sims 4 Announces New Update For PC And Consoles To Resolve Household Loading Issues
Credit: SimsCommunity via YouTube

The Sims team has announced a new update for The Sims 4 for PC, Mac, and console users. The developer is rolling out several updates because of the major content and bug patch on June 3 plus the recent release of the newest expansion pack Eco Lifestyle on June 5.

The updates come after several issues arose last week. Players have reported game crashes while attempting to “Save and Exit,” which can cost several lost hours of gameplay since The Sims 4 no longer has auto-save functionality.

PC players will yet again need to remove their mods that change gameplay before opening Origin. The software usually automatically updates upon launch, and some mods may cause issues. After the update is complete, mods will automatically be disabled.

Players will have to head to the “Enable Custom Content and Mods” option in the “Other” settings and enable them, then restart the game to use their custom content. Mods shouldn’t be used until players know they’re compatible with the newest update.

The patch notes are now available on The Sims 4 website for PC:, Mac:, and Console: Version 1.27.

According to the notes, the patch resolved the following:

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading some households.
  • Fixed Error Code 134:368f1773:b4bcf72 preventing some saves from loading.
  • Fixed Error Code 109:e56fc6bb:dc1a1b58 preventing some households from loading for Simmers who do not have Get Famous installed.

There were also additional hotfixes for some items in the game. One of the changes one of the patterns of a women’s sweater for owners of Eco Lifestyle. The description for the “Footloose Beverage Bodega” has been edited in all languages. There was one final fix for the wall decoration “Roman Temple Architectural Study” that restored a missing texture.

These fixes come thanks to reports from the community. Players have been reporting issues ever since the patch and EP were rolled out last week, and The Sims team is working as fast as possible to resolve the biggest issues.

The last major update brought forth several patches, but also some new gameplay features for base game owners. Firefighters and Repo People made a come back to either help or harm Sims. Also added were ladders, more build more options for doors and windows, plus UI improvements for bills and Sim’s inventories.

Players should install the update patch before playing the game in case they experience issues after last week.