The Sega Genesis Mini Has Been Officially Announced; Will Include 40 Classic Sega Games

The Sega Genesis Mini Has Been Officially Announced; Will Include 40 Classic Sega Games
Credit: Wikipedia - Sega

The mini-console craze has been in full swing as of late. So many companies are cashing in on the hype, including Sony and Nintendo. The NES and SNES mini consoles have been very successful. Their game library is impressive and their custom settings are near perfect.

The same can’t be said about Sony’s PlayStation Classic. In addition to running slow, the game library is pretty lackluster. That’s why so many gamers have attempted to mod it, putting their own spin on the mini console.

It appears Sega is throwing their hat into the mini console market. Their official Sega Genesis Mini console is set to come out in September.

This is incredible news if you’re a fan of the original Genesis. It revolutionized the gaming industry when it first came out, featuring a ton of amazing games.

The console will start out at $79.99, which isn’t so bad considering the unit is coming equipped with 40 pre-loaded Sega games. That’s quite an impressive library to explore and have fun with. What titles can we expect on the system, though?

We have confirmation that some of the popular titles will include Crack Down, Alien Storm, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3D Blast, Vectorman 1 and 2, and finally, the Mortal Kombat trilogy. All in all, this is an impressive lineup out of the gate. Sega is giving gamers something to sink their teeth into, which is what the PlayStation Classic should have done at launch.

The Mortal Kombat trilogy alone will be amazing for fans to revisit. They’re some of the best fighting arcade games to ever come out. That’s not all, either. Sega is planning to include an additional 40 puzzle/arcade games to the lineup, including Chess and Snake.

So, that’s a total of 80 games you can play on the Sega Genesis Mini. A total of 4 USB controllers will also be included in the package. It appears Sega is marketing this mini console towards families and friends who want to play together, which is a brilliant idea.

In terms of the Sega Genesis Mini’s aesthetics, they look exactly like the original. It’s super compact and lightweight, making it a great novelty item to put on the shelf when not being used.

Already, this mini console seems like a real winner. It could certainly stand out even more if it gives gamers the ability to customize layout settings and graphics. The SNES Classic Mini was amazing in this regard. Hopefully, the Sega Genesis Mini will be too.