A New VR Headset By Valve Is Set To Come Out In May; Will Be Called Index

A New VR Headset By Valve Is Set To Come Out In May; Will Be Called Index
Credit: Marco Verch via Flickr (license)

vrIt seems like we’ve been getting so many great VR headsets lately. Each company is coming in hot, featuring advanced technology to truly take the VR sector up a notch. These efforts are much appreciated. VR gaming is a bit of a niche, but a fun one to explore.

The ability to go into video games like you’re part of them is worth the price of admission alone. You can add Valve into the hat of heavy-hitters in the VR sector. They’re currently working on their own VR headset, which will be called Index. According to reports, it’s set to come out in May.

Not a lot of details were revealed about his upcoming VR headset. What we do see is a teaser picture that appeared on the Steam platform. It shows a refined looking VR headset with the worlds ‘upgrade your experience’. That’s virtually all we have to go off of.

There have been several hints of Valve working on this technology. Gabe Newell — Valve’s CEO — previously remarked how jealous he was with how Nintendo is able to produce hardware and games. This probably was a tip of the hat on his part.

Since not a lot of details are known about the Index, it’s fun to theorize what sorts of features and specs it will have. A lot of VR companies today are putting a lot of emphasis on a wireless design. It makes sense that Valve would too with their model. The ability to play VR titles free of cord restriction is extremely convenient. It’s also highly needed today, as there are some VR titles that get intense and really warrant a lot of space to play.

If the Index is to have any success at competing with VR giants like Oculus and the PSVR, they’ll need to come up with something truly innovative. Valve certainly has the resources to pull out all the stops. If they don’t put a heavy emphasis on technology and distinct features, then they’ll at least need to be strategic with their price strategy. Giving gamers a deal is always a sure-fire way to build buzz and sell units quickly.

May is just a month and a couple of days out. If Valve is smart, they’ll put out more teasers to promote the Index. Hopefully, the next time they do, we get some actual footage of their VR headset in use. Time will tell.