The Original Minecraft Title Screen World Seed Has Been Revealed After Nine Years

The Original Minecraft Title Screen World Seed Has Been Revealed After Nine Years
Credit: Reddit User Tomlacko

While some Minecraft players like to build and create recreations of real-life locations, these locations include ElseWither and even the recreation of The Thinker statue. While these human-made creations look fantastic, another way users have been creating exciting pieces are looking for new and exciting worlds that offer entertaining world generations.

On the main menu screen of Minecraft, there has always been a blurred Minecraft world. That world’s seed has never been released to the public. Many people have been searching for the world that is so clearly displayed on the title screen of Minecraft.

Minecraft seeds are very tough to find as they are a string of numbers and coding, which is randomly generated if not chosen by the player before creating their new Minecraft worlds.

Since Minecraft seeds are just large numbers, the combinations are virtually endless. This means that find a specific seed is almost impossible.

Minecraft fans have always been known to be determined and hard-working; this is shown in how when fans put their mind to it, they can find out the title screen speed in roughly a month.

A Reddit user of u/Tomlacko posted on the Minecraft subreddit on how the discord server called [email protected] has been dedicated to this project, and they all began working on finding this seed.

[email protected] is a volunteer project by BOINC, which allows users to volunteer their computer processing power when it is idle. [email protected] uses this power to speed up Minecraft-related searches; the prime example of this is how they found the Title seed.

[email protected] has compressed what was roughly 93 days of processing times into just 24 hours by spreading out among the extensive number of computers they have at their disposal. This is only one of the many projects that [email protected] has on their list.

The seed was officially found yesterday at around 5:45a AM UTC, The information that [email protected] released was Version: Beta 1.7.3, Coordinates: X=61.48~, Y=75, Z=-68.73.
The seed is 2151901553968352745 OR 8091867987493326313; both of these seeds work and generate the same world that players can enjoy!

This allows players to finally explore a Minecraft world that players have looked at for over nine years; this includes everything from the ravine, the lake, and the plains biome that is iconic with the title screen.