The Normandy Is One Component Of BioWare’s Mass Effect 4 That Should Not Be Revisited In The Fourth Major Installment

The Normandy Is One Component Of BioWare’s Mass Effect 4 That Should Not Be Revisited In The Fourth Major Installment

Fans have high hopes that Mass Effect 4 will continue the tradition of excellence, even though it has faltered at several significant obstacles since its start in 2007. The urgent mission of Commander Shepard to save the galaxy from an ancient menace is comparable to the likes of Star Wars in terms of visual and narrative excellence, and it pulls so many lessons from Star Trek when it comes to exploration.

However, it has a human touch that neither of the franchises above can offer. Even though it may conclude on a disappointing note, Mass Effect 3 delivers many of the conclusions that fans had been waiting for since the beginning of the series all those years ago. The unusual band of misfits that make up the Normandy crew is at the heart of the trilogy’s charm.

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It is possible to skip between star clusters in the amount of time it takes for the frequently overambitious games to load. Still, in the narrative, this is only made feasible by Shepard’s most devoted companion, The Normandy. It is a ship sprinkled with all of the most cutting-edge technology and improvements, frequently covering up the errors that the excellent supporting characters in Mass Effect have a propensity to make. Although it has developed a personality all its own, the noble and courageous Normandy should be benched for the upcoming installment of the Mass Effect series, which is due in 2018.

The future game must balance satisfying old fans and giving a new starting point for a new generation. BioWare has the power to create genuinely unique stories filled with memorable characters and everlasting lessons. Still, to do so, it must make a contemporary product rather than nostalgia.

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Mass Effect will always be remembered fondly by those who started it all fifteen years ago. Still, the massive amount of material offered in the three mainstream games is ready for new stories that may please everyone, not just the educated few.