The Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Days Of War Has Finally Launched On Steam

The Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Days Of War Has Finally Launched On Steam
Credit: Days of War via YouTube

Sometimes when games enter Early Access on Steam, they remain there for longer than expected.
Developers run into issues that must be solved before their games can officially release. This happens a lot actually and it has happened with Days of War, the first-person multiplayer shooter. It has been in Early Access for years now, but thankfully, a full version was just released from Driven Arts. Better late than never.

If you enjoy games set during WWII, then this is an amazing title to check out. When you dive headfirst into the multiplayer action, you’ll be treated to intense 32-player battles. The best way to describe them is fast-paced. You’ll find yourself trapped in close quarters combat with a bunch of players quite regularly. The action never takes its foot off the gas pedal, making hours seem like minutes.

Thus far, there are 12 maps you’ll have the pleasure of waging war on. They’re scattered all throughout the world, including Europe, Africa, and some of the Eastern front. That’s always what you want in a game that focuses on realistic combat.

The backdrops play such a pivotal role in making the action seem more real. The variety will keep you on your toes, too. Just as you think you’ve got your military tactics down to a science, a map switch can send you into a tailspin. You have to think on the fly and be ready for anything.

It should be mentioned that this game is not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of blood incorporated into Days of War, which makes a lot of sense considering the subject matter that the developer broaches. There are combat sequences where heads pretty much explode. You don’t often find that type of graphic nature in a war game today. The visuals instantly make this game unique and you’re definitely going to lose your appetite during certain battles.

There are a total of six different classes you’ll be able to choose from. Each one possesses a unique set of skills. You’re sure to find the perfect class, whether you long being a sniper or an explosives specialist. The gun variety in this game is also impressive, with 60 different options to enjoy.

It’s great to see a game like Days of War finally exit Early Access. It wasn’t an easy road for the developer, but they kept their nose to the grindstone and did what they had to.