The Full Story Of Gotham Knights Can Only Be Experienced By Playing Through The Game Multiple Times

The Full Story Of Gotham Knights Can Only Be Experienced By Playing Through The Game Multiple Times
Credit: IGN

Even though Gotham Knights will be available in less than a month, the general tone surrounding it continues to be one of bafflement. It’s not that people don’t know what they’re getting; Batman has passed away, and now it’s up to the Batfamily to keep Gotham safe.

You will be able to decide which of the children to follow at any time in the narrative and then continue playing the game. Unfortunately, Gotham Knights are not exactly what one would call a highly anticipated game at this moment in time. Perhaps it is a fault in the game’s promotion or an error in the game itself.

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The developers have stated that to experience the game’s narrative in its entirety, many runs through the game are required. Despite this, even the prospect of completing a single-game run does not appear to have much attraction. The game director for WB Games Montreal, Geoff Ellenor, and the cinematic director for WB Games Montreal, Wilson Mui, revealed that each character would have their unique perspective on the overarching story and that to get the full picture, you will have to play through all of the characters.

In response to a question from Play Magazine, Mui clarified that the number of narratives produced by the team was four, not simply one (thanks, MP1st). Ellenor confirmed that what was said was, in fact, accurate. You won’t get to see all that’s available in a single game. Simply put, a significant amount of material is exclusive to the protagonist’s point of view regarding what is occurring and what has occurred.

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Mui continued by explaining that even though Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood will all experience the same general plot and scenes, each of these characters has their distinctive background information and experiences, which will bring about distinct aspects within the same scene.

Mui mentioned that structurally speaking, we are going to have a scene that is quite similar to one another and that, in general, falls in the flow for each character; nevertheless, each character will have their unique take on that moment.