Gotham Knights’ Creator, WB Games Montreal, Has Released A Fresh Trailer For The Upcoming Video Game

Gotham Knights’ Creator, WB Games Montreal, Has Released A Fresh Trailer For The Upcoming Video Game
Credit: CBR

The Gotham Knights cutscene appears to occur after the game has already begun. Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and Dick Grayson (Nightwing) are practicing together while Bruce Wayne’s death has already occurred.

The conversation becomes serious as the subject of Wayne’s death and Grayson’s feelings about it all come up. The scene is comparable to the Belfry, which is known to be the gang’s headquarters in Gotham Knights.

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According to the official description of the new Gotham Knights video, “Defending Gotham City is no simple job, and members of the Batman family are not immune to the strain that comes with putting on the hood.” Barbara Gordon, however, is ready to back her fellow knight Dick Grayson when he battles for Bruce’s heritage.

As was already noted, Gotham Knights are set outside of the Arkhamverse and take place after Batman has passed away.

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The protection of Gotham City falls to the Dark Knight’s many protégés while he is away. Four playable protagonists are included in the game: Tim Drake/Robin, Jason Todd/Red Hood, the aforementioned Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, and the others.

Notably, Gotham Knights will examine other relationships other just the one between Nightwing and Batgirl. After all, Barbara and Jason have suffered similar tragedy at the hands of Batman’s arch-enemy, the Joker, while Dick and Barbara have a romantic history.

The bond between Barbara and Jason is definitely one of the ones we want people to see the most, according to lead game writer Ceri Young.

“They both experienced some incredibly painful events, so we believed that they would truly understand how it feels to deal with and heal from those experiences in a way that Tim and Dick, while empathetic, are unable to.

You’ll witness instances where Barbara and Jason perceive that in one another and intervene to support one another.”