The Final Fantasy VII Remake Playable Demo Has Been Leaked Online By PlayStation Hackers

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Playable Demo Has Been Leaked Online By PlayStation Hackers
Credit: PlayStaion via YouTube

This article contains NO SPOILERS for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo.

The gaming world has been watching the PlayStation Network, waiting for the moment when the playable demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake releases to the masses.

While neither Sony nor Square Enix have even confirmed that the demo exists, it was uncovered by PlayStation users in the PlayStation Store, though it is not live as of yet.

That didn’t stop PlayStation hackers from gaining access to the demo, playing it, and leaking it online.

If you want to find a video of the demo in full, it’s not difficult to locate. It’s posted all over YouTube. That being said, be forewarned there are numerous spoilers found within, which is why those videos are not being posted in this article.

Along with the actual demo itself, hackers uncovered a ton of uncleaned code which included hours of music from the game and some spoilers.

We first caught wind of the demo’s existence on Christmas Day, when its presence was discovered on the PlayStation Network.

As to how these hackers managed to procure copies of the demo, that is still being debated. Most reports point to the use of a spoofed IP address that was used to access the demo before the actual launch date. Those users would then be able to download the files on a standard Windows PC. Of course, this would mean that Sony is not using a credentialed system to protect pre-release files on the PlayStation Network.

These files would, however, be useless to anyone who did not have a modded PlayStation 4, or a special debugged console that is usually reserved for developers.

If there was any doubt that the demo was intended for the public, it apparently ends with a call to action, urging players to pre-order the game via the PlayStation Network.

The demo is reportedly longer than the one that was shown at E3 2019, including brand new cinematic sequences.

The gameplay is reportedly mostly unchanged from what was shown last year at E3, TGS, and other gaming shows.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a complete remake of the original 1997 game. It follows the adventures of Cloud Strife, a former elite SOLDIER turned mercenary as he joins forces with the rebel freedom fighting group known as AVALANCHE.

Together, they combat the evil Shinra Electric Power Company, which sucks the very life out of the planet for cheap energy.

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases on March 3, 2020 on the PlayStation 4 console.