The Extreme Sports Game Steep Is Being Offered For Free On The Epic Games Store Right Now

The Extreme Sports Game Steep Is Being Offered For Free On The Epic Games Store Right Now
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Being a PC gamer comes with a lot of perks. Most notably, there are always free games going around. That is particularly the case for the distribution platform, Epic Games Store. Even though their 12 Days of Free Games is over, the company is deciding to keep the generous spirit alive well into the new year.

As of right now, PC gamers can pick up the winter action sports game Steep for no charge. If you like games filled with a ton of adrenaline-pumping action, then Steep is certainly a game you don’t want to miss out on.

It made its debut in 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. Even still today, it’s one of the better sports games in this space. Steep simply has everything. One aspect that sets it apart from most is its open-world environments. You’re not stuck going where the developers tell you to go.

Rather, you get to explore snowy mountain tops to your heart’s desire. Even just getting from location to location is a thrilling experience that hasn’t fully been realized like it has in Steep. Reach the top of a mountain that seems too steep to traverse down? That’s perfectly okay because Ubisoft has equipped you with your very own wing suit. That’s right. For several seconds, you can fly through the air like Superman to the next interesting location.

What also sets Steep apart from other similar titles in this space is the dual sports: Snowboarding and skiing. You can do both in this game, giving you a realistic take on these incredible winter activities. Switching over from one to the other also is a breeze thanks to Ubisoft’s toggle system.

One minute, you could be twirling around on skis and minutes later shredding the slopes with a custom snowboard. Whatever riding option you select, you can enjoy moments solo or with a group of friends. The latter is sure to bring about long-lasting memories.

What you’ll keep coming back to in this game is the line system. There are no limits to areas you can access. Once you find a fun line or one that’s particularly difficult, you can mark it and share it with the community.

There’s something so appealing about finding an undiscovered line and sharing your joy with others. Or, if you’re looking for new spots to hit up, you can see what the community has found. The fresh content is pretty much endless.