The Company, PlayerLands, Lets Creators Sell In-Game Products In Their Minecraft Servers

The Company, PlayerLands, Lets Creators Sell In-Game Products In Their Minecraft Servers
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft is a very popular game that has seen both content creators and builders flock to it while the player base continues to grow at an incredible rate. In May, the active monthly player base was 126 million while in July the active monthly player base was raised to be closer to 132 million.

The Bedrock edition of Minecraft has also gone through updates that are specifically focused on creators and builders. This update also fixed an issue that the Bedrock edition has, where the game would crash on startup.

The company PlayerLands has created an e-commerce platform that allows owners of Minecraft servers to sell or receive donations for in-game items that they have created.

Playerlands on Twitter released a tweet showcasing how server owners can join for free and set up new shops or donation spots on your Minecraft server. This is another way that server owners can have a steady revenue stream to keep their Minecraft Server easily active and thriving.

PlayerLands CEO and co-Founder Alex Booth Stated “We want server gaming to be for everyone, Up to now it’s been viewed as a niche hobby for the hardcore, which requires a degree of technical knowledge that not everybody feels comfortable with. That’s no longer true. Developments in hosting mean you can now spin up a server in the majority of online games in a few clicks, and setting up a PlayerLands store takes minutes. We want to help democratize server gaming so that any player can experience it.”

This service has three different paying tiers ranging from Free, Pro, and Business. The Free option gives the server Fraud protection, Unlimited products but has a higher processing rate of 3.82% + .30.

The Pro option has a monthly fee of $14.99 but offers all the features from the Free tier while offering up to three staff accounts and a processing rate of 2.92% + .25.

The highest tier is the Business option, which has a significantly higher monthly fee of $74.99. This option offers multiple custom domains and up to thirty staff accounts and even allows server owners to develop custom features.

These different tiers allow server owners to pick the service that best suits their servers and even easily upgrade their service to fit their expanding player base.

Go check out this service here, on their website which showcases the three different tiers.