The Boss Of Saints Row Says He Is Disappointed With How Well The Reboot Was Received

The Boss Of Saints Row Says He Is Disappointed With How Well The Reboot Was Received
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Volition, owned by Embrace Group, released Saints Row IV last month to mixed reviews. It’s no secret that Saints Row is one of the gaming industry’s most adored series and that it’s often compared favorably to Grand Theft Auto.

Although it lacks the high production values of Rockstar’s series, it is its most direct competitor. The eccentric tone and constantly rotating Saints gang are what made Saints Row famous. With the series having moved on to topics like superheroes and aliens, it seems unlikely that a fifth installment would be released.

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Saints Row: The Third was released earlier this year as a relaunch of the series. Disappointingly, it was panned by critics due to release issues, a dull plot, and stale gameplay that left players wanting more. Even though they are still striving to iron out the kinks, the team’s name has been somewhat tarnished.

Lars Wingefors, CEO of Embracer Group, expressed his disappointment with the game’s reaction and his desire for greater things from the title in a letter to investors sent through Stephen Totilo. In spite of his pessimistic forecast, he did offer some optimism by saying the game would generate revenue (although not as much as the firm had planned).

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Wingefors admitted that on a personal level, he had anticipated a more positive reaction to the game. There have been quite opposing points of view. […] It’s possible to say a lot of different things and go into a lot of depth about them. It makes me delighted to know that a lot of gamers and fans are enjoying themselves. At the same time, it makes me a little sad to realize that some of the fans aren’t satisfied. It’s not an easy task. In my opinion, we shouldn’t get any further information until the quarterly report that will be released in November.