Tannenberg, The 64-Player WW1 FPS Game, Arrives On Consoles July 24th

Tannenberg, The 64-Player WW1 FPS Game, Arrives On Consoles July 24th
Credit: M2H via YouTube

Tannenberg was first released on Steam back in 2017 and left early access in 2019. It has been well received on PC, with praise for its large-scale battles, historical accuracy and the fact you can play with bots online if the lobbies are empty.

The game is based on the Battle of Tannenberg, fought between Russia and Germany in 1914, on the Eastern Front of WW1. In reality, the Russian army was totally devastated, and its commanding general, Alexander Samsonov, committed suicide.

Of course, in the video game, the conflict can swing either side. Check out the trailer above to get a glimpse at the console graphics and the scale of the battles.

There are swords, gas masks and artillery shells landing everywhere – this is a game that doesn’t take historical authenticity lightly. While it might not be full of the magnificent set pieces of a game like Battlefield 1, Tannenberg is bound to please the history buffs.

The developers M2h and Blackmill Games are both indie studios who previously worked on Verdun, a 2015 predecessor to Tannenberg. Tannenberg continues to receive interesting updates for free on Steam.

While both games received positive reviews, Tannenberg took its attention to detail and authenticity to the next level. Even though it is a historically authentic, the game is still engaging.

Combat is focused around seven different squads, over 50 unique weapons, and several large maps that allow for a certain level of tactical freedom.

For those history buffs out there who are upset about Battlefield’s awful cosmetic and uniform choices in Battlefield V, Tannenberg does an excellent job of faithfully recreating uniforms for each faction.

As well as the representation of the many intricacies of faction-based combat (there are Cossack Squads or Roumanian Infantry), the game also includes weather variation and a detailed array of weapons.

Overall, Tannenberg is a game for those who want authentic and tactical FPS gameplay. There are a lot of choices about how you want to approach each map and each battle.

The atmosphere of the game does feel gritty and sparse, and when the snow starts rolling in and the artillery shells start to fall, the scale of the battle makes itself apparent.

Tannenberg will be available on consoles on July 24th and ties in with a brand new map releasing on Steam.