World War I Games Verdun And Tannenberg Receive Film Memoir Mode Update

World War I Games Verdun And Tannenberg Receive Film Memoir Mode Update
Credit: Tannenberg via Steam

M2H and Blackhill Games have announced their World War 1 games Verdun and Tannenberg is getting a new feature. The games will feature a new update so players can view the game through a film lens.

“Film Memoir Mode” is a new feature to observe or playthrough the events in a new way. The news was announced on the Steam page, along with a new trailer sampling how gamers can play.

The games both take place during the first World War, but focusing on different major conflicts. They each have realistic weapons from the time period, including uniforms, maps, and gore. Up to 64 layers can play in the Frontlines game mode.

In Verdun, “The game takes place on the Western Front between 1914 and 1918, in one of the bloodiest conflicts in world history – inspired by the infamous Battle of Verdun in 1916.” states the Steam summary.

Meanwhile, in Tannenberg, players “Journey to the Eastern Front” and “maneuver for control of key sectors across large battlefields. Features maps from the Baltic to the Black Sea, 7 squads from 5+ countries, and the same historical detail as Verdun!”

The “Film Memoir Mode” adds a mode where players can witness the game through the lens of a civilian cinemagoer. Players can choose between play or watch the game in black and white, authentic film grain from the time period, and audio effects.

The new mode was partly inspired by Peter Jackson’s colorization in the They Shall Not Grow Old, except the developer turned an in-color game into black and white.

The developers went into detail about the history of photography and film during World War 1. Players interested in learning more about how the images were used, including some sample photos of Belgian troops and German troops, are on a news post on Steam.

While the new updates offer a new way to play the game, the developers want players to experience war from the eyes of a civilian at home.

The developer is also offering a contest for players to showcase their skills. There are three categories: Best Short Film, Best Image, and Best Story. Players can enter on Twitter or through the Steam Hub for the games.

The feature is available for players from April 16-26. After this ten-day span, the feature will become part of the Supporter Edition. During the event, both games will have a 55% discount.