Sony Entertainment Survey Has Fans Buzzing About Using PlayStation 4 Remote Play For Nintendo Switch

Sony Entertainment Survey Has Fans Buzzing About Using PlayStation 4 Remote Play For Nintendo Switch
Credit: Nintendo Switch Website

As technology goes further and further in this world, we will start to see new opportunities opening up everything we turn and look. One of those opportunities is the ability to see the world with a whole lot more gaming in it, coming from all sorts of brand new angles. If that is hard to follow, just wait, because it’s something you have secretly wanted all this time and never even knew it.

What we are talking about here is the powerful ability to cast you PlayStation 4 games onto your Nintendo Switch, which before now seemed like an absolute impossibility. Well, it turns out it might be more within the realm of possibility then we ever thought possible. Here’s how.

If you have ever played both consoles, then you will know that one of them absolutely blows the other out of the water. It is an utter defeat, you know, but it is enough to make a big-time major difference in the way you want things to work out in the long run. So here are all those juicy details.

First, the PlayStation 4 just has a stronger gaming system onboard. If you know what I am talking about then you will know that this console is just a little bit stronger. It has better graphics, CPU, RAM, and all of that other important stuff you need in a console. The Nintendo Switch isn’t terrible, but it is built to be played as a portable gaming system and that changes things.

Anyway, there is a thing on the PlayStation 4 that is called Remote Play and it allows you to play things on your PlayStation 4 from far away on a very different gaming platform like your computer or something else. Maybe even a totally different television.

So the folks over at Sony ended up sending out a survey about the PlayStation 4 Remote Play service and they asked their big-time fans a whole bunch of questions. But one of those questions ended up piquing the interests of everyone on the survey.

One question asked whether or not these mega fans would like to be able to use PlayStation 4 Remote Play on the Nintendo Switch. Could you imagine that? If you could play this awesome game on your Nintendo Switch, then you could basically get a portable version of your PlayStation 4 on the really awesome Nintendo system. It won’t even need to use any of the stuff inside the PlayStation 4 to get the game on the system. That’s great if you think about it.