Smaller, Cheaper Nintendo Switch Could Hit The Market This Year

Smaller, Cheaper Nintendo Switch Could Hit The Market This Year
Credit: Wikipedia

The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular consoles to hit the market in recent years. Since its launch on March 3, 2017, Nintendo reports selling 22.9 million consoles. That’s quite an incredible feat given just how popular the PS4 has been in 2018 – with exclusive titles like Spiderman and God of War 4.

Well, it doesn’t seem like Nintendo is slowing down any time soon – as it appears they’re currently working on a smaller, cheaper Nintendo Switch model for 2019. This makes sense from a business perspective given that Sony and Microsoft are planning to unveil their own new consoles sometime in the near future.

The news was first reported by Nikkei, a Japanese daily news website. Not many details were provided about the smaller model itself, but the website did claim to have evidence of such plans to construct this new gaming console.

It seems like this smaller model is going to focus a lot on portability. One could presume that this means a smaller screen, which essentially would drop the price down a bit. Can this strategy be successful? It all depends on what features are included in the newer, smaller model.

To justify buying a slim-downed Switch model, Nintendo would have to get creative and perhaps take a few chances with the gaming community. For example, if they made gripping the smaller Switch more comfortable and ergonomic, then the added portability really could be something gamers want when playing their favorite Switch titles on the go. Changing up the aesthetics could also prove to be a smart decision, as it would differentiate the two models.

One of the biggest changes that many are expecting with the unveil of this new Switch is the absence of a console dock. Additionally, there could be plans to get rid of the cartridge slot. This makes sense as more and more gamers are starting to switch over to digital downloads. Nintendo is even planning to develop a new online service, which would certainly support the possible all-digital Switch.

Gamers have seen many companies attempt to refine their consoles. It happened with Microsoft with the Xbox One and Sony did the same with their addition of the PS4 Pro.

Nintendo is looking to compete with the next generation of consoles, and it will be interesting to see what developments they can make to an already successful and popular Switch. The console wars are just heating up.