Seoul Dynasty Has Announced That All Of Their Homestand Proceeds Will Go To Coronavirus Victims

Seoul Dynasty Has Announced That All Of Their Homestand Proceeds Will Go To Coronavirus Victims
Credit: Overwatch

It’s a feel-good moment for fans of the league that continues to struggle with a heap of changes coming this season, and it’s finally gives cause to celebrate teams within the league.  Overwatch League team Seoul Dynasty has taken to Twitter to announce that 100% of their proceeds from their March homestand will be going directly to support victims of the Coronavirus.

Considering the allegations that teams within the Overwatch League are struggling to keep their finances in the black, it’s a surprisingly heartfelt move from the only Korean team within the league.  It’s also the only team that has announced supporting the victims of the endemic that has caused scheduling issues for what has already been a delicate season for the league.

While many are eager to give the Seoul Dynasty the accolades for this move it’s actually Gen.G Esports, which owns Seoul Dynasty that is responsible for the charitable offer.

The Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc on international esports, and teams and leagues alike have been struggling to maintain professional integrity while keeping safety a primary concern.  From League of Legends to DOTA 2, leagues are attempting to maintain tight schedules while making wide concessions to ensure that their league isn’t responsible for spreading the virus even farther than it has already made on its own.

The Overwatch League is also suffering from a multitude of blows from the Coronavirus outbreak.  With three teams all coming from China, and multiple homestands slated to take place in China during Season 3, everything has been tossed into the air in regards to scheduling.

The Shanghai Dragons had all of their homestands canceled in fear of the virus.  Their first match of the season is still slated to take place in April, around the tenth week of the league.  Many have voiced concerns that their schedule, as it stands now, means they will be entirely unable to qualify for the mid-season tournament, even if they win every match that they play.

While it’s expected that Blizzard will figure it out eventually, there have still been zero announcements in regards to how the makeup matches will be played out in a manner that maintains the professional integrity of the League.  It’s clear that Blizzard is beside themselves (along with many other esport leagues) in regards to how to adequately balance the inevitable lack of matches due to the virus, and some are beginning to get concerned about the League as a whole.

Only time will ultimately tell how everything ends up when all is said and done; hopefully, the Chinese teams don’t get the short end of the stick.