Beautiful Desolation Is Getting A February 26 Release According To The Brotherhood

Beautiful Desolation Is Getting A February 26 Release According To The Brotherhood

Beautiful Desolation is a game that has been through a lot of developmental obstacles. It was teased all the way back in 2016 and then a Kickstarter campaign kicked off in 2017. Finally, it seems like this 2D isometric action-adventure game is coming out this month. That’s from a report straight from the developer, The Brotherhood. That’s not too long of a wait now. A couple of days seems worth it based on the visuals and description of the game on Steam.

The setting is a post-apocalyptic world where every day is a struggle to survive. The environments featured thus far are very unique and definitely paint a grim fate for the world that your character finds himself surrounded in. The 2D isometric graphics also are a great change of pace. You don’t see them often today so when a developer takes the liberty to incorporate them, that project instantly stands out.

As you make your way through the African-inspired landscapes, you’ll run into a bevy of friends and foes. The developer took a lot of time making every character count. You’ll notice this in the dialogue and character models. Every interaction matters, too. Saying the wrong or right thing could shape the story. That’s a successful recipe that a lot of developers are starting to utilize more and more.

There also seems to be a lot of different animals and creatures scattered throughout these lands. You never really know what you’ll come in contact with next, and that suspense will stay with you throughout this game’s entire run time. There are plenty of environments to explore and terrains to conquer, including forest areas, crowded cities, and abandoned buildings.

As far as the story, it follows along a protagonist named Mark. He’s in search of his long-lost brother Don. He must brave a desolate world filled with unknown. The closer he gets to the truth, the greater threats he discovers. The story seems pretty gripping from the small details that we know at the moment.

It’s great to see Beautiful Desolation finally coming to Steam. It has been a long time coming, to be honest. The developer didn’t let a couple of speed bumps get in the way of putting out such a unique project, though. They deserve a ton of credit and gamers are in store for a great treat. One more week before fans can experience the unique environments and put their puzzle-solving skills to the test.