Selected Windows Insiders And Xbox Players Invited To Try Out Microsoft’s Xcloud Project

Selected Windows Insiders And Xbox Players Invited To Try Out Microsoft’s Xcloud Project
Credit: Windows Central

Late last month, it was revealed that Microsoft will be opening their London flagship store this July. The said store will be located in Oxford Circus and will be made into one “Xbox Showcase.” The said showcase is expected to run from July 11 to July 14.

Project xCloud will be one of the highlights of the launch. This will give players the chance to play different games like Forza Horizon.

Prior to this launch, news circulated within the gaming community that Microsoft will be inviting players for a test run of xCloud. Apparently, Microsoft is set to invite Windows Insider and Xbox players to try out the project. This news has been revealed and circulated by one Twitter user named IdleSloth1984. He tweeted that selected players who belong to the top of the Windows Insider and Xbox leaderboards. These players will be testing Project xCloud on designated Android devices.

Project xCloud is a streaming service for videogames that is Microsoft’s brainchild. It will allow the gamers to play and to stream games from Xbox on different devices. With this project launched, gamers can now stream on televisions, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

In addition to these pieces of information, IdleSloth1984 also shared screenshots showing Project xCloud’s Android app.
Once pushed through, this will be the first time xCloud will be available for dry run by E3 goers or non-Microsoft employees. E3 2019 used to have an xCloud demo opened to the public in the past.

Other screenscrabs showed how Microsoft Insiders will get access to Gears of War 4, Forza, Forza Horizon, and Crackdown 3. Disneyland Adventures will also be one of the games accessible to Insiders via Project xCloud.

Also just the other day, it was reported that Microsoft mysteriously applied for a trademark on Digital Direct. Many suggest that this move is definitely related to Project xCloud.

Trademark for Digital Direct is described by Onscope as follows: It’s an entertainment service that will provide game services for various games that are played via global communication systems and computer networks. It will also be providing video and computer games for various online gamers within global communication systems and computer networks. Lastly, it will provide entertainment info on various computer gaming industries and different video games.

Based on reports and leaked information, Project xCloud will be out in public by October this year. This service is expected to support more than 2,000 games, with more games added as it grows.