Rustler – A Grand Theft Auto 2-Inspired Game Launches On Steam Next Year

Rustler – A Grand Theft Auto 2-Inspired Game Launches On Steam Next Year
Credit: Rustler via Steam

Publisher Games Operators and developer Jutsu Games is preparing for the release of Ruster, a Grand Theft Auto 2-inspired open-world game. The title is set during the medieval period and has been in development since late 2018-early 2019.

Rustler is a top-down view action game in a historically inaccurate setting. Players take control of the protagonist Guy, a poor peasant looking to get rich in whatever way is possible. Guy can take part in “feudal injustice,” witch-hunting, and joining big tournaments for prizes. The game will contain at least 40 quests, five mini-games, and two regions to explore.

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The game contains a wide variety of missions and quests, but following the main campaign isn’t required. Players are free to cause trouble in the towns or bother the oblivious knights. Overall, the game will contain several pop culture references, including moments from Monty Python.

Ruster’s primary mode of transport is horses, but Guy can choose to travel on foot as well. Similar to the GTA series, horses can get stolen, but they may be taken away or stolen once again.

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Guy will have to learn how to fight quickly to survive. He can choose from various weapons like swords, spears, crossbows, or other unsavory tactics. Guy can also use a “holy hand grenade” or, at worse, his horse as a battering ram. After gaining the respect of others, Guy can make allies or even double-cross them to get ahead.

Unfortunately, during medieval times, there were no radios, but there were bards. Guy can hire a bard as his personal radio to follow him along in towns or into battle. The bard’s songs will change depending on what situation he’s in. Unfortunately, enemies may not like the songs the bard is singing, so it’s up to Guy to either protect his musician or let him go.

Those who want to try out the game before its launch are in luck. The developer has provided a free Prologue for the game on Steam. The game is not just an introduction into the game, but a short, standalone game. Players will learn about the protagonist and his way of life in medieval times.

The prologue contains content such as an intro into the humorous story, challenging combat, plus some inaccurate features like pop-culture references and fast horses, who may get “towed away” if parked in a “No Horse Zone.”

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Rustler was brought to life in thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Three of the stretch goals were achieved, including more skills and perks for Guy plus an expanded universe with ten additional side quests, plus three minigames: harvesting, transport, and races.

Rustler is expected to launch in Q1 2021 for PC via Steam.