Roccat’s Noz Is Ultralight, Fashionable, Durable, And Inexpensive – It’s Clearly One Of The Best Cheap Headsets Today

Roccat’s Noz Is Ultralight, Fashionable, Durable, And Inexpensive – It’s Clearly One Of The Best Cheap Headsets Today
Credit: ROCCAT

Roccat has showcased its fresh gaming headset last Tuesday, and it looks good not just in price but in the paper too. The headset is known as Noz, and its price is lesser than $100. Interested parties can get it at only $69.00, and it’s a great deal.

This headset is relatively inexpensive for a good gaming headset. PC Gamer mentioned that the Nari Ultimate from Razer is the finest gaming headset, but people should pay twice.

What makes Noz different from its counterparts is its weight. Roccat markets Noz as an ultra lightweight headset because it only weighs 210 grams. It’s not been tested by a lot of people yet, but this merchandise will definitely attract users because it’s light and affordable.

It has natural-sounding and rich stereo audio as well, and it provides excellent comfort. Noz is the lightest headset from Roccat, and it is innovative because its earcups have additional room for improved acoustics, and it has a fabric that will keep its users cool especially when wearing it for a long period of time.

Comfort is as much important as audio quality. Turtle Beach now owned Roccat, and it is marketing the product’s earcup design because this over-the-ear headset is an ellipse in shape, so those who’ll wear it will feel cozy even if they have really big ears. Roccat also says the shape of Noz’s earcups will lead to enhanced acoustics especially because its drivers are ergonomically aligned.

The design and feel of the headset can make a user feel that it’s not an inexpensive headset. It has a good built even if the price point isn’t pricey.

Its hinges are solid metal, and its headband sliders are stainless steel, rather than the usual cheap plastic. Those who’ll wear it can feel comfortable on the street if they care about fashion because Noz is one of the most attractive headsets in the market today.

The earcups have glossy and matte finishes. Its leather headband and Noz logo are refreshing, which make Noz a really stylish headset. The volume wheel and the mute button are located on the left earcup. It doesn’t have a toggle or an RGB button because Noz isn’t joining the RGB party yet. Some users might be frustrated, but it’s refreshing for some people.

Roccat is one of the most respectable manufacturers of gaming headsets these days. All their products are not just durable and comfortable because they have great mic quality and sound.

They design their headsets carefully with the satisfaction of its customers in mind. They have products, which range from over-ear, in-ear, and headsets with 7.1 stereos among others. Besides Noz, some of its notable products are the Khan Pro, Cross, Score, Renga Boost, Khan AIMO, Aluma, Juke, and Syva.