Riot Games Revealed Dragon-Themed Skins For Popular Champions Such As Lee Sin, Sett, And Ashe

Riot Games Revealed Dragon-Themed Skins For Popular Champions Such As Lee Sin, Sett, And Ashe
Credit: leagueoflegends

Get excited, League of Legends fans. Riot Games is sending another set of skins your way soon. The new set is called the Dragonmancer skin line and Lee Sin, Ashe, Brand, Sett and Aurelion Sol are all getting the dragon treatment.

Each skin seems to be linked to the elements in some sense but through a dragon type. Fae Dragon Ashe features a nice green-based color scheme with pink accents, for example. The champion is flanked by a beautiful green dragon in her splash art.

Eternal Dragon Brand is purple in color, while Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol has more of a blue color dominating the skin. Lee Sin, as discovered a few days ago, will be receiving a new legendary skin with Storm Dragon Lee Sin.

Meanwhile, Sett is getting a new skin as well. The Boss is joining the Dragonmancers with his Obsidian Dragon cosmetic, complete with a golden-clad Prestige skin to boot. His ultimate ability looks especially impressive, body slamming his foes with some help from a dragon.

In fact, each skin is visually exciting to look at. Fans of Aurelion Sol should also be excited because it’s been more than two years since he got his last skin, Mecha Aurelion Sol in August 2018.

Expect to see these new skins on the League PBE and for them to hit the live servers in one of the upcoming patches.

Recently, Riot released a list of champions which will receive skins including a new type of skins, Quest skins.

“We are testing a new skin type (not a new skin tier with a different price) that will be purchasable in the near future,” Meddler said. “It’ll have some new features with specific technical needs which is why we need to have it on PBE and tested in advance.”

Meddler didn’t expand on what “specific technical needs” and features Quest Skins will have. And it won’t launch in the next patch or in the “immediate future.” But it might hit the PBE soon.

The cosmetics may evolve based on your completion of quests. It’s unclear if they’ll change throughout a match or over the course of many games. But it can potentially add a fun mini-game to Riot’s MOBA.

Riot will update fans on Quest Skins closer to their release date. A champion skin refers to an alternate appearance (skin) and/or color scheme (chroma) for any given League of Legends champion.