Riders Republic Is A Massive Multiplayer Racer Coming In 2021

Riders Republic Is A Massive Multiplayer Racer Coming In 2021
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Action sports games are beloved by many today. They feature intense, non-stop action that certainly gets the adrenaline going. There have been a lot of these games over the years, some having more success than others.

One that’s showing a lot of potential, at least in theory, is Riders Republic. It’s a multiplayer racing game that Ubisoft just teased recently and is being developed by Ubisoft Annecy. They’re the studio behind Steep, an incredible action sports game in its own right featuring snowboarding, skiing, wingsuit jumping, and more.

Riders Republic sort of has the same feel, where players can partake in a lot of action sports that push their characters to the limits. According to the trailer that was just put out by Ubisoft, there will be mountain biking, skiing, dirt bike riding, snowboarding, and wing suits.

It looks like a wild good game with no limits. Steep was a pretty huge success all things considered, but it looks like the developer is turning up the intensity factor to an eleven. That’s great to see because these games are always filled with excitement.

According to the game’s description, Riders Republic supports solo and online play. You can shred the mountain tops alone or join a party with friends and create memorable experiences. How you ride and play is completely up to you.

There are a lot of challenges and modes available in this game as well. Some of these include downhill races, team vs team competitions, and PvP modes. It seems like Ubisoft Annecy looked at Steep and saw areas that could be improved upon.

It’s still a little earlier, but the trailer paints a fun, promising picture. This is particularly true in regards to its social presence. Going back to the description, it says Riders Republic will support 50 player parties. That’s a lot of group interactions that should make exploring these open areas all the better.

The game is currently scheduled to release February in 2021. If you fancy yourself an action sports fan, it looks like an incredible experience that has so many activities and environments to explore right out of the gate.

Whether you’re soaring in the air with a parachute or pulling off incredible tricks on a snowboard, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of fun to be had. That’s always what you want to see with this particular genre because most people can’t do these activities in real life.