Puyo Puyo Programming Is A Free Learning Tool That Teaches How To Code Basic Games

Puyo Puyo Programming Is A Free Learning Tool That Teaches How To Code Basic Games
Credit: Puyo Puyo Programming Website

Dynabook and Monaca have teamed up to present gamers a new way to learn to program. Through the programming portal Monaca Education, gamers can try programming the popular game Puyo Puyo, a puzzle game using cute characters. Players use the HTML5 and Javascript application development tools through Monaca to accomplish this goal.

The site is in Japanese, but players in Japan or who know the Japanese language can try it out. First, an account is required to access the program. Players will then have to install the mobile application to test the game before taking on the “Puyo Puyo Programming” challenge. The Monaca Education website account and mobile app have to be linked to test out programmed games.

The Monaca software runs through browsers on PC and is compatible with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge but not Internet Explorer.

There are two challenge courses. The “Beginner Course,” which is more simplistic, while the “Intermediate Course” provides more coding and a tougher challenge. More information is available as a downloadable PDF through a Guide Booklet and also the Complete Source Code.

The “Puyo Puyo Programming” challenge was created in part with SEGA. The challenge combines learning materials along with the action-puzzle game Puyo Puyo. Players can partake in real programming in a professional development environment, using the same image assets as the production version of the game.

By partaking in the challenge, players will learn the coding rules and get used to programming, acquire the ability to correct small mistakes, and gain confidence.

The basic programming movesets starts with making Puyo Puyo fall from the top of the screen, move left and right, turning Puyo, then erasing them from the screen.

Games created using the Monaca software can be played with mobile smartphones, which is why it’s required to download the mobile app.

A fun mini-game was also included when players need a break. Players can enjoy a coloring page with Pupo Puyo characters that uses the Paint app included with Windows 10.

It’s unknown how long the programming challenge will be available for. Fans of the Puyo Puyo series who also want to learn to program should try out the game as soon as possible in case Sega ends the challenge.

The challenge is a fun way to learn something new, while COVID-19 has kept many at home. Sega has previously released games from Puyo Puyo on mobile and consoles. The challenge provides not only a game to play but a unique experience to learn or enhance the programming experience.

The “Puyo Puyo Programming” challenge is available now for Japanese language speakers and is free of charge.