PUBG Has Added A New Flying Vehicle That Players Can Test Out For A Couple Of Days

PUBG Has Added A New Flying Vehicle That Players Can Test Out For A Couple Of Days
Credit: mhedden033 via YouTube

When you think of amazing battle royale games, PUBG is near the top of that list. It’s one of the first games in this space to really blow up, setting the tone for many similar games to follow. A huge reason why it continues to do so well is because the developer puts out updates left and right.

Thus, there is always something fantastic to look forward to every couple of months. One update that’s drawing a lot of attention as of late is the addition of the game’s first flying vehicle. It gives rise to so many different combat strategies. Better yet, PUBG Corporation is giving players the chance to try it out over the weekend free of charge.

The vehicle is some sort of motor glider. According to notes from the developer, it can support a pilot and one passenger. Like other vehicles in PUBG, it will spawn around various locations. However, given that it can fly, it probably won’t spawn as often. Players will thus need to take advantage of it when they can.

The developer has said the vehicle also will take some speed to get up and running. Gas will be a resource you’ll have to manage, especially if you use the throttle for a burst in speed. Already, this vehicle is sounding like an amazing addition and should give players a whole new way of approaching transportation and taking down enemies.

If you’re looking to test out this motor glider, you’ll need to visit PUBG Labs. It will be available all the way until December 23. It seems like PUBG Corporation wants to take this time to see how it performs and get notes from gamers. They can then implement changes where they’re needed the most.

On paper, the aerial advantage you’ll have over enemies when in the motor glider is winning recipe. Since you have the high grounds, there’s no reason why you and a partner won’t be able to come out on top — at least for an extended period of time.

It’s additions like the motor glider that keep PUBG relevant. It’s amazing that even though this battle royale game came out in 2017, it’s still going strong. PUBG Corporation really knows this space and if they continue making improvements and bringing highly requested features like flying vehicles, there’s no reason why PUBG can’t dominate the market for years. It will be intriguing to see what they come up with next.