PUBG Club Open 2019 Fall Split Global Finals Has A Winner, Bigertron!

PUBG Club Open 2019 Fall Split Global Finals Has A Winner, Bigertron!
Credit: PUBG MOBILE Esports via YouTube

The new PUBG Mobile esports champions will be feasting on Chicken Dinners all month. The PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2019 Fall Split Global Finals has concluded at the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The team to beat out all the rest is Indonesia’s Bigertron!

The tournament ran from November 29th to December 1st, featuring three intense days of PUBG Mobile carnage.

After 16 hard-fought rounds spanning over the three days, Bigerton finished on top. And the thing is, Bigerton didn’t just win, they absolutely dominated. At the end of the 16th match, the team had over 100 points more than the second-place team, TOP Esports.

Here is the VOD of the third day of matches:

Bigerton won 5 of the 16 matches and far exceeded any other team for Kill Points. They also had to fight their way into the Global Finals via the Global Prelims, which makes an excellent story for the Indonesian team.

The USD prize pool for the PMCO 2019 Global Finals was $500,000. Also, $5,000 went to the winner of each match, making a total of $580,000 up for grabs.

Bigerton’s five-person roster will be taking a $205,000 check with them on the plane home. TOP Esports shouldn’t be complaining too much; they will share their take of $105,000.

Here is how the final standings of the Global Finals (all winnings are in USD):

1st: Bigerton (Indonesia) – $205,000 with 303 Total Points and 5 Chicken Dinners.
2nd: TOP Esports (China) – $105, 000 with 197 Total points and 3 Chicken Dinners.
3rd: MEGA Conqueror (Thailand) – $55,000 with 191 Total Points and 2 Chicken Dinners.
4th: ILLUMINATE the Murder (Thailand) – $38,000 with 190 Total Points and 3 Chicken Dinners.
5th: Entity Gaming (India) – $12,000 with 157 Total Points.
6th: Team Queso (Argentina) – $13,000 with 151 Total Points and 1 Chicken Dinner.
7th: RRQ Athena (Thailand) – $8,000 with 147 Total Points.
8th: Orange Esports (Cambodia) – $10,000 with 139 Total points and 1 Chicken Dinner.
9th: Team Unique (Russia) – $5,000 with 133 Total Points.
10th: Cloud 9 (United States) – $4,000 with 131 Total Points.
11th: Yoodo Gank (Malaysia) – $4,000 with 105 Total Points.
12th: Team SouL (India) – $8,000 with 102 Total Points and 1 Chicken Dinner.
13th: Unicorn Gaming (Taipei) – $3,000 with 101 Total Points.
14th: All Rejection Gaming Wistaria (Japan) – $2,000 with 97 Total Points.
15th: EGC KR Black (Korea) – $2,000 with 82 Total Points.
16th: Kurdistan Esports (Iraq) – $2,000 with 67 Total Points.

Registration for the next season of PUBG Mobile esports will be opening in January 2020!