Panasonic’s New Toughbook 55 Is Taking On Modular Design Approach For Upgrades

Panasonic’s New Toughbook 55 Is Taking On Modular Design Approach For Upgrades
Credit: Panasonic TOUGHBOOK via YouTube

Panasonic has brought in a game-changer technology that helps the mobile workforce to complete their jobs in austere condition with its new Toughbook 55.

This laptop is a 14-inch semi-rugged laptop that is resistant to extreme temperature and vibration, which means that the device can be used in a car when passing through a bumpy road. Technically speaking, what makes semi-rugged laptops different from the others are their spill-proof keyboards, rubber-protected hard drives, and superior cases.

This latest technology aimed to help field workers to get the job done easier in a harsh condition, especially for people that work as utility workers, insurance agents, military units, and the police forces.

The new laptop also features a customizable modular design. This approach enabled users to customized and upgrade individual components of the laptop, including the memory, replaceable keyboard, storage, and more. Moreover, users can replace or reuse different parts without having to replace the whole unit.

It has backward compatibility with its predecessors which gives protection on user’s investments while saving time and cuts down the budget spent on resources.

Although a modular design approach can undoubtedly increase the sustainability of the device, a few limitations come with this approach. Users need to take into consideration the pre-requisites when upgrading, such as power requirements.

This new technology is claimed to be the slimmest and lightest device in its category, which adds up to the portability and support for the mobile workforce. It also offers night mode for nighttime vision to minimize eye strain.

Additionally, this latest laptop is integrated with an outstanding all-day battery life and claimed to offer the most extended battery life in its category. The laptop’s standard battery can last up to 20 hours, and users have the option to add a second battery that lasts up to 40 hours.

Other features of this new laptop include space for stylus holder, brand new quad-core CPU, distinct graphic (optional), to 2 terabytes SSD storage system, and RAM capacity of up to 64 gigabytes. Users also have the freedom to pick whichever color they want for the backlit keyboard.

From the audio perspective, this laptop features 92 decibels speakers and four microphones arrays.

The manufacturer produces a number of distinct modules for the laptops aside from the pre-installed ones. They also offer a module with AMD’s Radeon Pro WX 4150 for the GPU that is intended for the professional workload.

It would be interesting to see the manufacture created a version of this laptop specifically for gaming purposes.

Interested customers can purchase the Toughbook 55 for about the same price as a well-made gaming laptop.