Overwatch’s McCree Can Activate Combat Roll Midair In The Latest Experimental Mode

Overwatch’s McCree Can Activate Combat Roll Midair In The Latest Experimental Mode
Credit: PlayOverwatch

The Overwatch’s “classic” patch is making waves throughout the community praising that this has been the most balanced the game has seen. Blizzard developers are not content with its current state, though, as they continue to test patches in the Experimental Mode. This card lets players planned changes to heroes and voice out their feedback. In the September 18 patch, possible changes to Ashe Baptiste, Roadhog, Orisa, and McCree could come to the live server.

The official blue post by Community Manager Josh Nash clarifies the developers’ intentions for the changes. “These changes are not intended to be hugely impactful to gameplay, but rather numbers adjustments that should improve some heroes’ performance,” he shares to the forum.

The biggest surprise is handed to everyone’s favorite cowboy, McCree. After adjusting the game’s hitscan heroes, Blizzard is looking to buff him in his other toolkit. Combat Roll can now be used while McCree is in the air, and its distance is increased by 20%. This grants the bounty hunter to hop distances he has no access before and positioning McCree-mains have not experienced prior. His Flashbang duration is also buffed to 0.8 seconds from 0.7.

Nash notes that Ashe is influential across her abilities. To combat this, her Dynamite explosion is reduced to 50 from 5. The gang leader has not been meta since her release, but recent patches made rise above all the heroes. Players enjoy her great sustain DPS, as well as her burst with Dynamite.

Baptiste’s ultimate, the Amplification Matrix, costs have been reduced by 15%, following nerfs to his healing output. The Haitian support has received significant nerfs recently, makes him a situational pick. He remains a strong contender with his Immortality Field in his toolkit.

Roadhog has been terrorizing the main tanks in Overwatch for a few weeks now. After adjusting the shields in the game, the off-tanks became too powerful at bullying the likes of Reinhardt while providing significant damage output. Blizzard ended his reign with a dedicated nerf to him and recalibrating the game’s shotgun mechanic. It has been nearly impossible to perform Roadhog’s iconic hook combo anymore.

On this Experimental patch, Chain Hook now pulls the target closer by 0.5 meters, 3.0 m from 3.5. The developers state, “Roadhog’s Chain Hook combo still wasn’t effective against some of the smaller enemy heroes. This change pulls targets closer to melee range for swifter, more reliable combo execution.”

Orisa is also receiving a round of buffs. Her base armor is increased to 250, from 200, and her Fusion Driver’s projectile speed is massively accelerated to 120, from 90.