Overwatch Reveals Soldier 76’s Real Identity; Bastet Presents Backstory

Overwatch Reveals Soldier 76’s Real Identity; Bastet Presents Backstory
Credit: overwatch.blizzpro.com

The new short story of Overwatch has revealed the true identity of Soldier 76. Called “Bastet,” the latest update talks about the backstory of the character. What could be the biggest hints of this big revelation?

The video game’s developer and publisher, Blizzard Entertainment, has confirmed through its official Twitter account that Jack Morrison or Soldier 76 is indeed a member of the LGBTQ community. This has only validated the suspicion of some relative to the character’s real sexual preference.

According to IGN, the Overwatch: Bastet short story consists of 14 pages, which gave out hints about Soldier 76’s past life. How could have such bombs been dropped?

In a scene with Ana, the known starter character was rummaging some old stuff until he stumbled on a photo of Vincent. The former then asked him if the person still has a special spot in his heart, he did not really deny it categorically. He just said that Vincent deserved something better than a life he is capable of giving him.

If there would still be some who are not yet sold out with the hints, its head writer has already made it clear, PC Gamer reported. Michael Chu pointed out that Jack definitely had a romantic relationship with Vincent in the past.

It can be recalled that Soldier 76 is not the first ever character of Overwatch to be revealed as a member of the LGBTQ family. In 2016, it was learned in the Overwatch: Reflections comic that Tracer is a lesbian after admitting that she was in a relationship with Emily.

Amid this recent development in one of its well-loved characters, how would it possibly affect the gaming community? Could it be possible that all Overwatch players and fans are happy and excited about this new update? Or, could they just be upset about it?

In his Forbes opinion column, Paul Tassi noted that Blizzard’s move could have made some upset. It can never be denied, though, that there could be those as well who are happy with the fact that their favorite character is queer.

However, Tassi shared that for his part, the update has encouraged him to explore the RPG further, rather than just knowing the whole story via the lore.

And since the first known LGBTQ Overwatch was announced two years ago, could there be a chance that another queer hero would be introduced two years from now? Well, this is something that all players must wait.

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