Overwatch League: Stitch Finds A Long Term Home With The Washington Justice

Overwatch League: Stitch Finds A Long Term Home With The Washington Justice
Credit: Washington Justice via YouTube

It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling when players that have been uprooted due to circumstance seemingly outside of their influence find a new home to nestle into, allowing them to do what they do best: play the game.

Whether we’re discussing League of Legends or Counter-Strike, the professional scene, by and large, stays the same.

Younger players that have yet to experience life in all of its forms are pressed by massive organizations with hefty paychecks, there are constant media surrounding the players, and the one thing that they’re best at doesn’t come into account while players attempt to dodge the inexorable pitfalls of living publically.

Chung-hee ‘Stitch’ Lee is one of many players that left the roster of the Vancouver Titans after a bizarre implosion that multiple organizations are still attempting to piece together. It was public in that everyone watched the team fall apart on social media, yet no members of the organization have come out and clearly stated what occurred beyond vague sentiments.

Chung-hee Lee took to Twitter shortly after the former Vancouver Titans officially came out with their decision to leave the organization,. stating that he was fielding multiple offers from various organizations within the Overwatch League.

Being that he’s one of the distinguished DPS players within the league, it seems obvious, however Stitch was replying specifically to rumors that the roster of the Vancouver Titans have left to play other titles. The Washington Justice have similarly signed JJANU, the former Vancouver Titans off-tank, on a long term contract.

After a short stint with the Washington Justice that allowed both parties to get a proverbial feel for how the other operated, the Washington Justice have announced that they have officially signed on Chung-hee Lee on a ‘long term contract’. That likely means that the contract extends at least through the rest of the current season of the Overwatch League, if not beyond.

Further, after the Washington Justice lost their star DPS player Corey to go play Riot’s new competitive shooter Valorant, the Justice has desperately been searching for a star DPS to fill the growing holes in their roster.

Signing two former Vancouver Titans is a brilliant way to shore up the weaknesses of the team, while simultaneously ensuring that there is minimal downtime as parts of the roster have played together in competitive scenarios.

With two pristine players in their roster, the Washington Justice is looking like a fearsome competitor in upcoming matches. We’ll know precisely how much they are to be feared in mid-June.