Overwatch League Vancouver Titans Appear To Be Imploding From Social Media Events

Overwatch League Vancouver Titans Appear To Be Imploding From Social Media Events
Credit: VancouverTitans via YouTube

Something is happening with the Overwatch League‘s Vancouver Titans, that much is sure; no one is willing to come out directly and say what is happening, however. What we do know is that they have been a flurry of events in the last week from the Vancouver Titans roster that holds one of the strongest teams in the Overwatch League, and everyone is being very hesitant to say precisely what is occurring.

Five days ago, General Manager Anthony Muraco parted ways with Canucks Sports and Entertainment, citing COVID-19 complications. He bode farewell to both Overwatch League as well as the Call of Duty league, along with all of the friends he made along the way.

Two days after, Hyojong ‘Haksal’ Kim (Korean for massacre) removed all reference of the Vancouver Titans in his Twitter bio; now it simply states ‘OWL Haksal’.

Sung-jun ‘Slime’ Kim joined a day later in removing all references of the Vancouver Titans from his social media, along with Joosek ‘Twlight’ Lee.

At this point, a Vancouver Titans insider that reliably leaked the Titans roster prior to it being announced stated that the players are running into issues with ‘their management’ and that ‘there is no conflict between players and their coaches.’ The insider alleged that there is currently a ‘101% chance of a London Spitfire ending’, meaning that every member of the team desperately wants to permanently leave the team.

Min-soo ‘SeoMinSoo’ Seo removed all Titans branding from their accounts yesterday, with both the coach ‘Pajion’ and assistant coach ‘Andante’ following suit as recent as twelve hours ago.

Josh ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson stated that he’s heard rumor of internal conflict in the Titans that isn’t involving Fissure’s recent involvement, and many allege that it has something to do with the stress of COVID-19 and players being unable to reach their loved ones or experience much freedom at all. Until there’s an official announcement, however, it’s all speculation and allegations.

Ryan Nicholas, the Senior Director of Content and Design for Canucks Sports and Entertainment has stated on Discord the following message:

The players are all getting paid as per their contracts. The Titans will be playing again soon and the organization is committed to the long term success of the team. I know it’s hard to be patient but clarity will be coming soon.

It seems like a generic canned response where each word is weighed and evaluated before posting, but all that ultimately comes from it is that we’ll figure out what’s behind the proverbial curtain soon enough. Hopefully, there’s still a Vancouver Titans at that point, when everything finally comes to light.