Overwatch League – Decay Signed To Washington Justice Pending League Approval

Overwatch League – Decay Signed To Washington Justice Pending League Approval
Credit: Blizzard via Youtube

Dallas Fuel recently lost yet another Korean superstar in an event that is becoming dangerously close to becoming a pattern for the team that has struggled since the inaugural season of the Overwatch League.

Gui-un ‘Decay’ Jang has left the Dallas Fuel, and the Washington Justice have announced that they’ve picked him up for the close of the 2020 season. The Washington Justice have similarly struggled this season, netting four wins throughout the entirety of the season.

This has made some analysts question precisely what Decay is doing, yet it seems clear that he would rather play the Overwatch League where there is no chance of winning rather than have to continue under the banner of the Dallas Fuel.

To others, it highlights precisely how frustrated Gui-un ‘Decay’ Jang must have been on the Dallas Fuel to the point that he would simply refuse to practice further, and instead go play on a team that has four wins for the entire season.

The only team that has done worse thus far is the Boston Uprising, who notably had an analyst state that players throwing matches was common in the league; a claim that had an interesting insight into the mentality of the Boston Uprising.

It’s worth noting that Gui-un ‘Decay’ Jang isn’t the first Korean player to get burned out with the Dallas Fuel; Dong-jun ‘Rascal’ Kim was similarly on the Dallas Fuel before burning out.

Rascal then went to the San Francisco Shock where he went on to play as a massive support player that helped clinch the teams’ uncontested posture at the top of the leaderboards for the entirety of the current season.

Thus, it’s worth keeping tabs on precisely where Gui-un ‘Decay’ Jang ends up within the Overwatch League for the next season. If Decay was interested in Valorant as many other bigger names of the Overwatch League have immigrated towards, he wouldn’t have signed with the Justice; this maneuver likely means that he’ll maintain residence within the league for the near future.

It isn’t implausible that Gui-un ‘Decay’ Jang gets signed to a new team and leads them to fantastic new heights in the fourth season of the Overwatch League.

Yet if he does manage to, a far closer look is going to be needed at the Dallas Fuel regarding staff and management, to figure out precisely why the Korean players inevitably bounce off of the roster. The pattern is clearly damaging to the players’ morale and could help explain the struggles of the Texas team that they’ve run into since the beginning of Overwatch’s competitive esport league.