One Of Best Mordekaiser Runes, Items, Masteries For Current League Of Legend Season Ten

One Of Best Mordekaiser Runes, Items, Masteries For Current League Of Legend Season Ten
Credit: League of Legends via Youtube

The Iron Revenant Mordekaiser is one of the strongest picks in League of Legends. His powerful skillset combined with his advantage above many other top or mid lane champions makes him the perfect champion to assist players in climbing the ranks during the season.



Conqueror: This rune will allow Mordekaiser to accumulate Conqueror stacks that will make his abilities and basic attacks deal extra damage to enemy champions as well as healing himself once it has reached 10 stacks.

Triumph: When Mordekaiser is involved in a takedown (kill or assist) this rune will grant him an additional 20 gold and heal him for 12 percent of his missing health.

Legend: Tenacity: A big issue tank champions will face is getting flooded with crowd control to stop them approaching or tanking for their team. This rune will slowly build up stacks through taking down enemies in-game that will grant Mordekaiser extra tenacity. Tenacity reduces the effects of crowd control abilities.

Last Stand: This rune will increase the damage you deal with champions as your health goes down, making Mordekaiser more lethal as he is damaged.


Taste of Blood: Another rune that is going to increase Mordekaiser’s sustain, Taste of Blood will grant the champion health as he damages enemy champions.

Ravenous Hunter: Following the trend, Ravenous Hunter also heals health per damage this time from the damage dealt by Mordekaiser’s abilities.

Bonuses: +9 Adaptive Force, +9 Adaptive Force, +6 Armor

Starting Items

Doran’s Shield

Having the most health possible is going to be very important when playing Mordekaiser or many of the other top lane bruiser champions. Getting an early start with the Doran’s Shield may provide you that slight edge against your opponent in the lane that could materialize into an early kill.

Health Potion

Another item that will assist in keeping Mordekaiser safe in lane for the longest time possible is a health potion. These are low cost and offer 150 health regeneration over time. With the left-over gold after purchasing the Doran’s Shield it would be a no-brainer to invest in a health potion.

Core Items

Liandry’s Torment

For tank-heavy, ability-based champions there are few items more beneficial than Liandry’s Torment and that is especially true for Mordekaiser. Pairing perfectly with Mordekaiser’s passive ability Darkness Rise, this item will see him deal bonus damage over time to enemies within the radius of the attack. The item’s effects will also trigger when he initiates with any of his abilities, adding to the versatility of the item.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

The item’s unique passive ability will slow targets hit by the champion’s abilities by 20 percent for one second, allowing Mordekaiser to give chase and catch fleeing opponents before they are able to get away. Due to Mordekaiser being such an ability-based champion, this is another must-have item if you want to play the champion at his full potential.