Nvidia Is Rumored To Be Planning On Launching New GeForce GTX Graphic Cards

Nvidia Is Rumored To Be Planning On Launching New GeForce GTX Graphic Cards
Credit: NVIDIA GeForce via YouTube

Lately, rumors about the possibility of Nvidia preparing for new graphics cards have been circling throughout the internet. Instead of going up to the line, the story has it that the company is releasing Supers that go down the GTX series.

The rumor is getting stronger as a few months ago, and the company launched the “Super” of the RTX lineup fro 260, 2070, and 2018. Hence, people speculated that the company might want to go down the line and created “Super” for the GTX lineup as well.

This rumor is based on a Chinese post by MyDrivers that claim to have received the exclusive leak from Fast Technology. According to the website, the company is preparing for two brand new graphics cards, namely the GeForce GTX 1660 Super and 1650 Ti.

The website claimed that the Super is an upgraded version of its predecessor, the GTX 1660. The upgraded super version apparently has no changes in terms of core counts and memory capacity, which means that both the old and the latest version will have similar core counts and memory capacity of 1408 and 6GB respectively.

However, the super will have a better memory type that is suitable for the higher-end model. The memory type of the super version will be GDDR6 instead of GDDR5 in the regular version.

In terms of memory speed, the super version is claimed to have a boosted and faster performance than the previous version with 14Gb per second, in place of a low 8Gb per second from the previous ones.

On the other hand, the Ti will have a different core count, which is 1536, while its memory speed is slightly lower than the super, which is 12Gb per second. Nevertheless, it shares the same memory size as Super which is 6GB. Additionally, this version will take complete advantage of the TU117 graphics processor.

If analyzed thoroughly, it would seem that the Ti would have had the upper hand compared to the super version as it has a higher core count.

There is also rumor about the prepping of GTX 1650 Ti, but there have been no leaks with regards to its specifications.

If this rumor is correct, then gamers would have more choices to pick from in accordance with their budget.

With all said and done, for now, it is safe to assume that these are just rumors and might just be another one of Nvidia’s false alarm.