Nvidia Has Chosen Two Exciting Titles: Modern Warfare And Outer Worlds To Match Their New Game Ready Drivers For This Season

Nvidia Has Chosen Two Exciting Titles: Modern Warfare And Outer Worlds To Match Their New Game Ready Drivers For This Season
Credit: Hot News via YouTube

Nvidia are preparing players for the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and The Outer Worlds this fall with their new Game Ready driver with a day-one support for both titles.

The driver is built explicitly for 4K-ultra-rich footage like the titles above, so they look their best on PC. Nvidia quoted: ‘Together with the PC’s faster framerates and high-resolution graphics and effects, The GeForce RTX is built compatible for gamers to get the Ultimate Modern Warfare experience on PC.’

Using Nvidia’s Game Ready Driver enables players to feel the thrill with all of Nvidia’s latest patches to performance and graphics. Before installing the driver, download Nvidia GeForce Experience and navigate to the ‘drivers’ tab, then select the right driver for your PC.

As it is already known, COD: Modern Warfare is prepped to be released this Friday. It is a first-person shooter with a famous shooter series. In a preview of the COD, Jade King wrote: ‘the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remains one of the legendary FPS of all-time. It has set the path of a generation of shooters controlled on consoles while adding a multiplayer selection system that a ton of developers iterates till this day.’

Fans and us included are glad and also skeptical in both parts, the reason being the eagerness to see how the new version will screen out. After several hours with the beta, one is convinced that Infinity Ward is onto something memorable since they abandoned many of the series to focus on the one that helped raise it all these years.

The Outer World

The Outer Worlds is equally another big-tech release coincidentally on October 25. These RPG invites players to explore different planets and use persuasion, combat, and stealth to reach their objectives.

Ryan Jones’s review-in-progress is astonished by Obsidian’s latest, as one of the finest RPGs in recent years: ‘I’m only midway through the Outer Worlds, and won’t be submitting a final score until the main plot (at about 30-40 hours long, not a fact just some rumor) is fully developed.’

Bottom Line

So far, Nvidia decided to choose two exciting new titles to match their Game Ready Drivers to. This interests everyone because of the added experience it promises. From experience Nvidia has always kept to par! Look out for a full review of Modern Warfare next week!

Furthermore, players that experience technical difficulties can always post a detailed report on the GeForce Driver Feedback Forum for assistance from Nvidia’s customer care. They also have a previously- reported issue that is likely to occur and its fix! So check them out!