No Man’s Sky Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass For The Console In June

No Man’s Sky Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass For The Console In June
Credit: HelloGames Tube via Youtube

If you have an Xbox One, there’s no better way to experience a wide variety of great games than to get Xbox Game Pass. It’s a platform that gives you access to all sorts of games for a low monthly rate.

The library currently is pretty great and it’s constantly changing, thus giving members plenty of novel gaming experiences to check out whenever they want. One of the bigger titles set to hit the platform this month is No Man’s Sky, the exploration survival game from Hello Games.

If you have Xbox Game Pass, you can take this month to see what you’ve been missing. It wasn’t highly regarded at launch, but gradually has gotten better in select departments.

Hello Games has committed to giving players more content and items to satisfy their explorative minds. And although the game still isn’t perfect, there are a lot of elements that shine through.

Exploring different planets is a fun time as you never really know what you’ll find. It could be a threatening alien creature or plant life that you just have to see to believe. In this way, No Man’s Sky keeps you on your toes and makes you want to continue exploring the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Now that Update 2.0 is available, the game has gotten even better. For instance, now the game supports fully-fledged virtual reality. That makes these exploration experiences all the more immersive and memorable.

You feel like you’re on these absurd planets in real life. You have the ability to switch from VR to standard mode any time as well, depending on your personal preference.

The story is now much better and easier to understand thanks to the developer weaving the various story strands together. It’s now a much more cohesive experience that you don’t have to try too hard to follow along. You can just sit back and enjoy the various NPCs and plot points that come your way.

Even the multiplayer has been rehauled, featuring full character models. Players can see other users and their ship customizations. It may sound like a simple adjustment, but it really makes No Man’s Sky that much more interactive.

This game had so much potential when it was first teased, and it’s nice to see the developer finally realizing the designs and features. If you haven’t yet experienced it, then checking it out on Xbox Game Pass is a cost-effective move worth considering.