Nintendo Switch Lite Will Not Be Free From Joy-Con Class Action Lawsuit And The Controller Drift Controversy

Nintendo Switch Lite Will Not Be Free From Joy-Con Class Action Lawsuit And The Controller Drift Controversy
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Just a week after the Nintendo Switch Lite was released, it finds itself entangled with the class-action lawsuit filed against the console manufacturer. The case was filed last July, and though the Nintendo Switch Lite console is only a week old, it is not immune to the court case.

The case was brought against Nintendo because of their inaction despite knowing the design problem of the Switch’s controllers. As indicated in the court case files, the console maker knew about the defect, but failed to acknowledge the issue and failed to correct the problem.

Nonetheless, the issue was raised because the problem causes the Joy-con analog sticks to “drift” or register an input without being touched. The problem significantly affects gameplay, leading to the majority of Switch players complaining.

After the release of the Switch Lite console, many users were quick to go complain that they are still experiencing the same problem. If such case happens to be accurate, it only means that Nintendo did not fix the drift issue on the new Switch Lite handheld. So, the new handheld has been entered among the units of the contest.

Though many handheld owners complained about the problem, there is still no official report indicating how widespread the problem is. Many grievance and criticism have been popping out of the internet since the Switch was launched in 2017.

Nintendo Switch users having the problem report an unplayable unit because of the persistent controller issue. Though Nintendo has neither adequately addressed the problem nor acknowledged its existence, the company has already started offering a free Joy-con repair with no questions asked.

This swift action was only taken after the lawsuit has been filed and entered. Despite the company’s promise of repairs, is it’s a known fact that the Switch Lite controller is built based on the existing system itself.

Nintendo might be offering a solution, but the Joy-con repairs are not something that can be done instantly. Many unit owners who returned their handheld for servicing also complain of long waits, sometimes lasting for months.

Additionally, many DIY tutorials are popping out of the internet, offering troubleshooting tips to fix the Joy-con controllers. Most of these videos are only created to garner views. Doing DIY repair almost always leads to disaster.

A company memo from Nintendo has recently surfaced saying that the company will not require the warranty information for the free Joy-con repair.