Call Of Duty: Mobile Comes Out Next Month And Apparently Can Be Played On A PC

Call Of Duty: Mobile Comes Out Next Month And Apparently Can Be Played On A PC
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

The Call of Duty franchise is heading to the mobile sector of gaming. This is exciting news for those who prefer to game on the go and fans of this storied franchise. The thought of battling it out against opposing squads like a true COD experience — except on the go — is certainly worth the price of admission. Funny enough, the game will be absolutely free.

It’s set to come out October 1 for Android and iOS devices. Despite this game having a mobile format, it will apparently be capable of playing on a PC. This is possible thanks to the Android emulator GameLoop. Being able to play Call of Duty: Mobile in a traditional way is a pretty interesting premise.

When you think about mobile games, one of the main negatives is using touch controls. They just don’t have the same feel like joysticks do on a controller or keys on a keyboard. Thus, having a true COD experience using a smartphone or tablet can be a little difficult. This emulation should solve that problem and it should give players a significant advantage on the battlefield.

Imagine using a keyboard and mouse to control your user around the battlefield, while mobile gamers are relegated to using touch controls. The potential is certainly there. Players will have the choice to use PC emulation or just stick to the way Call of Duty: Mobile was meant to be played.

Or, you could simply have the best of both worlds. When you’re at home and looking to game in a traditional sense, PC emulation is available. The requirements won’t be that insane and you’re essentially getting a COD experience without having to pay a dime. Then, when you have to run a quick errand or head to work, you can take your battles on the go. It’s a win win.

Regardless of what you decide to do, it’s nice to see this franchise go in the mobile direction. Mobile gaming has been so popular for the last couple of years. It’s only right that this storied franchise would end up on the platform. If the game is successful, Tencent Games will probably make more of these games and satisfy the itch to engage in epic battles on the go.

It’s all so exciting for the franchise. If you’ve followed this series for some time, Call of Duty: Mobile seems like an amazing addition. It even has a battle royale mode. It’s hard to complain when a game of this caliber is free.