Nintendo of America Says Fire Emblem: Three Houses Allows Same-Sex Relationships With Its Characters

Nintendo of America Says Fire Emblem: Three Houses Allows Same-Sex Relationships With Its Characters
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is just two weeks away from release. Last week, fans found that it would take players over 200 hours to beat every path in the game, which is an insane amount of content. But more goods news keeps coming come out ahead of the game’s official release.

Today, Nintendo of America told USGamer in an official statement that same-sex relationships would be available but only for select characters. Nintendo declined to comment on which characters they meant. But it won’t be much longer before fans finally get to figure it out on their own.

This news follows a leak (which may or may not be true) that said characters like Edelgard, Dorothea, Rhea, Mercedes, and Sothis could have a same-sex relationship if the game’s main character were female. In contrast, for male-on-male relationships, the leak said only Lindhardt would be open to the possibility.

For the unaware, Fire Emblem: Three Houses follows the story of a military academy professor in the mythical world of Fódlan. The Three Houses universe is inhabited by three kingdoms, each of which sends their future military leaders to the academy to study under the title’s main character.

The character will have the chance to train and teach all of Fódlan’s future commanders before a massive war breaks out between the countries. The start of the war is when the tactics part of the game starts.

One of the most intense parts of the game is this: any character defeated during the war will experience permadeath. At least if you’re playing the non-casual version of the game, anyway. That means Three Houses will be rough, emotionally. Not only does the title’s protagonist have to train these officers, but then your character will need to kill some of them off.

Decisions in Fódlan will have far-reaching effects. If you don’t want one of your students to end up getting killed off, then you will need to build up your relationship with the character and convince them to join your side. All of this has to be done during the first half of the game though, while you’re still the professor of Fódlan’s military academy. And apparently, after today’s news, this relationship building will even lead to the possibility for a same-sex relationship.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is just two weeks away. Nintendo will officially release the game on July 26. Make sure you nab a copy of the game for Switch. This is one you don’t want to miss.