Age of Wonders III, 4X Strategy Game, Is Free On Steam For A Limited Time

Age of Wonders III, 4X Strategy Game, Is Free On Steam For A Limited Time
Credit: Triumph via YouTube

Age of Wonders III is free to claim on Steam over this weekend. Pick it up while you have a chance and experience the 2014 sequel to the award-winning 4X Strategy game series. Even if you never install it, who doesn’t love free games?

Developed by Triumph Studios and published by Paradox Interactive (of course), Age of Wonders III is a turn-based strategy Empire Building, Warfare and Roleplaying game. It mixes different formulas to create a much-loved and very playable IP.

Age of Wonders III has multiple DLCs, including various new scenarios, factions and units. Everything is also half price on Steam right now, including the Eternal Lords and Golden Realms expansion packs.

Though it was released in 2014 and has aged a little bit, much of the core mechanics of the game are as strong as ever. A 4X strategy system is combined with heavy RPG elements, giving you the chance to play as 6 different characters such as Warlocks and Dwarves.

Age of Wonders III has a bit of a steep learning curve, though there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to help you get started. If you get hooked in the first few hours of gameplay its best to pick up those DLCs while they’re still cheap on Steam.

When you head over to the Steam page, you might notice some recent negative reviews. That’s because to play the game you need to make a separate account. Enter the product key, and the game is yours. Some people have concerns over the company taking your data and selling it on.

Plus, the game is likely free on Steam to boost interest in Triumph’s upcoming Age of Wonders: Planetfall. This game introduces a brand new genre for the 20-year-old Age of Wonders franchise: sci-fi.

Like other AOW games, Planetfall includes 4X Strategy and six playable factions. Rather than orcs, dwarves and witches, you build an empire that spans the galaxy. Some of the flavor from the Steam pages gives you a good idea of the game: dinosaur-riding Amazons and Cyborg-zombies.

Planetfall releases on August 6th, but in the meantime, you can still pick up Age of Wonders III free on Steam this weekend.