Apex Legends Leak: Data Miner Uncovers Audio File For Possible New Gameplay Addition

Apex Legends Leak: Data Miner Uncovers Audio File For Possible New Gameplay Addition
Credit: Apex Legends via Youtube

For the last five months, Respawn Entertainment has offered a whirlwind experience with its popular battle royale game, Apex Legends.

Kicking off to the tune of millions of players logging on and battling it out in King’s Canyon, Apex has had its ups and downs since its release, but one thing is sure – Respawn is focused on expanding the game to its best potential.

Players were initially underwhelmed by a lackluster Season 1 from the game, but in June and July, Apex Legends dished out more fresh content than they ever had before.

With plenty of competition to consider and avid gamers to think about, Respawn Entertainment is continuously toying with new ideas and ways to improve the game.

It’s no secret that data miners are always on the lookout for things they can find tucked away in-game files to find out what’s coming up next – and Twitter user @Shrugtal seems to have found something pretty interesting.

The user, whose bio states, “I break down and write patchnotes for Dota on Reddit (not affiliated with Valve),” (and also frequently pulls game file info from Apex) shared a three-second clip with the caption “Portable Respawn Beacon.wav” to Twitter on July 12th.

The clip features a Legend saying, “Found a portable respawn beacon here. I’m deploying a portable respawn beacon.”

Currently, in-game Apex Legends players can pick up weapons, ammunition, armor, and health-based items.

This clip suggests that Respawn may eventually expand this to include different things that can benefit players throughout the game. A portable respawn beacon would bring a world of difference to gameplay and the way that players fight, interact, and navigate the map.

While this audio file seems promising, this isn’t the first time that dataminers have uncovered information that ended up being a dead end.

Some files are located and implemented in the game by the next update, while others remain predictions that still haven’t been added. In some cases, Respawn Entertainment even denies that the feature in question will be added entirely for whatever reason.

Nonetheless, a portable respawn beacon would be a neat feature and it’s possible that it could be coming to the game in the future.

Also discovered from game files was an Apex icon that suggested explosive weaponry – something that the battle royale game hasn’t really gotten into yet.

While the idea of this implementation might seem a little overpowered to some, other players suggest that adding explosives could be done successfully with a high-risk high-reward style.

Whether or not any of these features will be added to the game remains unknown, but for now, players can enjoy all of the perks and additions of Season 2 for Apex Legends – playable on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.