New Details Released For Upcoming Cyberpunk Point-and-Click Adventure Game Encodya

New Details Released For Upcoming Cyberpunk Point-and-Click Adventure Game Encodya
Credit: Encodya via Steam

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Chaosmonger Studio have announced their upcoming project Encodya. The game is a click and point adventure game set in a Cyberpunk-inspired world.

Encodya takes place in Neo Berlin 2062. Tina is a 9-year-old orphan who lives with a giant, yet clumsy, robotic guardian named SAM-53, on a makeshift rooftop shelter. The city is a dark megatropolis controlled by various corporations. Tina has learned to live alone and survive by scavenging food and supplies to stay alive, with SAM-53 there to protect her, as it was programmed to do.

Tina discovers that her late father left her a mission to complete. He wanted her to save the world from its grayness and bring light to the city yet again. Tina and her guardian start out on their adventure filled with different realities, robotic creatures, and even worse humans.

Encodya contains over five chapters in its main story with puzzle-solving elements, immersive dialogue, and plenty of unusual characters to meet along the way.

Encodya contains 2.5D graphics and two playable characters. There are over 35 NPCs to interact with and bring the story to life. There are over 3,000 lines of dialogue total with many of them provided by a professional voice cast.

Neo-Berlin contains more than 50 locations to explore and get lost in. There are over 110 detailed night and day scenes.

Encodya is estimated to have around eight hours of gameplay. Plus, players can expect 15 cinematic cutscenes designed by award-winning short and documentary director Nicola Piovesan, who is also the founder of Chaosmonger Studio. Encodya was inspired by the 2018 film “Robot Will Protect You,” which was also created by Chaosmonger Studio. The short film is available to purchase on Cyber Octopuses and Robots website.

A playable demo was released during the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition in late June. Now all players will get to experience the world of Encodya in the near future. The most recent gameplay video shows some of the click-and-point adventure gameplay plus previously unpublished locations.

Encodya is available to wishlist now on the Steam store. Players will receive a notification as soon as the game is out, along with any news while it’s in development.

The publisher, Assemble Entertainment, is based in Germany. They are known for the point-and-click adventure game Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry but also the award-winning game Endzone: A World Apart.

Encodya will launch on PC via Steam, Mac, and Linux in late 2020.