New Datamined Soulshape Forms Discovered For Night Fae In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

New Datamined Soulshape Forms Discovered For Night Fae In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Wowhead has recently datamined some new Soulshape forms for Night Fae players to take the shape of with their Soulshape covenant ability! These creatures were recently datamined and put together for players to look through.

Moving forward, it’s worth remembering that these forms were datamined and are not confirmed, so don’t place bets on finding these new soulshapes added in. They very well could be NPCs, such as the many animals that players see wandering around Ardenweald as soulshaped NPCs.

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“This new batch of models doesn’t have related soulshape items,” Wowhead warns, disclaiming this as well. “However due to their spectral apperances and proximity in Blizzard’s data to the other batch of soulshape model IDs, they could end up as soulshapes in a future patch!”

One of the models that’s been datamined is the Corgi model that players have seen for quite a while. In fact, most of these are models that have been in the game for a while and are being made to look like the Soulshapes of Ardenweald.

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Other shapes included are the squirrel, cat, otter, frog, porcupine, and rat. All of these models are visible in the Ardenweald theme and appear the same as any other Soulshape, helping to lend credence to the rumors.

It would be surprising if these models aren’t being used for soulshapes, as they’re already models in the game for the most part. Adding them to Ardenweald just as more animals in the already-heavily-populated forest wouldn’t really add much to the game.

This has also led to a discussion that’s been buzzing around the World of Warcraft player base for quite some time. Many races have their own unique shapes for druids to use with their variety of animal forms, but many players want more.

In particular, many players want to be able to customize their animal forms the same way that we can alter out character appearances in general. Blizzard has sometimes stated that the game is missing this feature due to the technology lacking the ability to do such.

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However, many have pointed out that this is already somewhat in the game with the ability to make a Worgen and customize both the Worgen and Human forms to appear differently, seeing as they’re two completely different models.

There’s a chance that this could be the first sign of them adding more druid shapes in as well, though the chance of such a thing is low. Still, low chances aren’t enough to stop the player base from staying hopeful that Blizzard will cave eventually and add in more animal forms.