Blizzard Releases Upcoming PvP Class Changes For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Blizzard Releases Upcoming PvP Class Changes For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Blizzard recently announced their newest round of changes coming to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands with this week’s balance changes at the weekly reset tomorrow. There’s a great number of changes hitting PvP, primarily in class balances.

To be clear, the nerfs and changes being discussed here are only affecting PvP. Don’t be scared for your PvE performance if you see a nerf for one of your favorite classes!

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The first is Unholy Death Knight, which is getting two buffs. Necrotic Strike will now absorb up to 6% of the target’s health, increased from 4%. Virulent Plague and Virulent Eruption are no longer reduced by 10% against enemy players as well.

Hunters are getting buffed as well, both Marksmanship and Beast Mastery. The former has had its Careful Aim ability increased to 35% bonus damage against enemy players, nearly doubled from the original 20%. Bestial Wrath for the latter has had its effectiveness kept whole rather than being reduced by 20%

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Mage has some nerfs and buffs, though the buffs only affect Frost. All mages have had their Dampened Magic’s effectiveness reduced from 20% down to 10%, a considerable nerf for the PvP-only talent.

Frost mages, meanwhile, have had their Glacial Spike and Ray of Frost buffed, with their effectiveness no longer reduced by 20% for the former and 15% for the latter. Fire mages, however, have had Pyrokinesis nerfed, now reducing Combustion’s cooldown by 3 seconds rather than the original 5 seconds.

Mistweaver monks are being given a considerable buff as well, with mana regeneration now increased by 20% against enemy players. the Chrysalis PvP talent will now reduce Life Cocoon’s cooldown by 40 seconds, a sizeable increase form the original 25 seconds.

Paladins are seeing a few nerfs as well, something that most people that have been engaging in Arenas and Battlegrounds are likely happy to see. It’s worth saying that these changes are only affecting Holy Paladins, so if you’ve struggled against Protection or Retribution, there’s no relief coming your way.

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The first change is having their mana regeneration decreased by 30% against enemy players. Second is having damage transferred through the Ultimate Sacrifice ability no longer affected by the second rank of Blessing of Sacrifice.

And those are all the changes coming to the PvP class balance tunings! Remember that none of these changes are affecting your PvE performance, but if you’ve been grinding out conquest, make sure you know what changes are coming so you know what to expect next time you step into the arenas.