Monster Hunter Iceborn XR Walk Experience Announced For Japan

Monster Hunter Iceborn XR Walk Experience Announced For Japan
Credit: Monster Hunter via Steam

Universal Studios Japan has announced a brand new attraction based on the series Monster Hunter: World. Though the latest expansion, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne was just released, fans of the franchise will have a chance to relive history.

The new attraction will be a VR experience using high-quality visuals from the Monster Hunter: World series.

The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne XR Walk will allow visitors to experience the world within the series in first-person. The world within the expansion is reproduced, allowing visitors to experience the game world closer than before. Players can collect items while they’re walking through the world.

Visitors can also fight monsters within the VR experience. Players will be able to feel the roar of life-sized monsters they face in battle. As players fight, they can feel the impact when attacking and defending themselves against life-sized creatures.

Other realistic experiences include feeling wind pressure as they walk through the attraction. The experience is completely 3D, so players can completely immerse themselves in the Monster Hunter: World.

Up to four players can play the new attraction together.

The Monster Hunter: World series has gained popularity worldwide since its release in 2004. The most recent installment, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, was just released. The base game has already shipped over 14 million units around the globe.

The newest expansion includes “A diverse locale, rich with endemic life. Numerous monsters that prey on each other and get into turf wars. A new hunting experience, making use of the densely packed environment. Monster Hunter: World, the game that brought you a new style of hunting action, is about to get even bigger with the massive Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion!” according to Steam. There are 14 new weapons to collect and new hunting mechanics. There is also a new difficulty mode called “Master Rank.”

The newest XR Walk will be available just in time for those visiting Japan for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Universal Studios Japan is open to everyone, from those currently living in Japan or guests visiting Japan for a limited time. Tickets to the amusement park can be purchased in advance online.

The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne XR Walk attraction will last from Friday, March 20 until Sunday, August 30.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the game, is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.