Arma 3 Can Now Be Played For Free For A Limited Time On The Steam Platform

Arma 3 Can Now Be Played For Free For A Limited Time On The Steam Platform
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Any time a game is offered for free on the Steam platform, even on just a temporary basis, that’s certainly a reason to celebrate. It lets PC users check out games that they might have otherwise missed. Some of these offerings are true gems, too. That’s certainly the case for Arma 3, the open-world tactical shooter by Bohemia Interactive.

As of right now, Steam users can check it out for free. It won’t be available for too much longer, though. So if you’ve been itching to experience epic combat in open-world environments, head on over to Steam today.

Even though Arma 3 released all the way back in 2013, it really is one of the better tactical shooters in this space. The Arma series has also been received well amongst the PC community. These games are full of so much content. That is particularly true for this third installment. The open sandbox design never ceases to be fun, even after hours of time spent with this game.

As far as the open-world battlefield, it’s massive in size. There are miles and miles of terrain to traverse through. You have a lot of vehicles to make these battlefields your playground too, from heavy-duty tanks to nimble helicopters. Having the ability to decide how you travel through these detailed environments just further immerses you in the action. There is never a dull moment.

Arma 3 also does a great job at keeping the singleplayer and multiplayer modes balanced. Both are packed full of amazing content. The singleplayer is broken down into multiple episodes. Ben Kerry is the main protagonist featured, who’s a solider that is very likable and easy to get behind.

The multiplayer is perfect if you want to test out your tactical strategies in a constantly changing landscape. There are always new challenges to take on, which will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. You can go at these modes solo or team up with a large group.

Arma 3 even has a competent content creation system that gives you access to an in-depth editor. It lets you mod all sorts of content, including weapons and vehicles. It’s rare that a tactical shooter like this gets this type of system; the community certainly has loved every minute of it.

You can experience all of this epic action free of charge for the next couple of days. If you like these experiences, you’ll be pleased to know that Arma 3 is also being heavily discounted.