Minecraft’s Most Expressive Tame-able Mob: The Panda

Minecraft’s Most Expressive Tame-able Mob: The Panda
Credit: Mojang

Minecraft recently added a new mob that may be the most expressive mob inside Minecraft. This mob is the Panda since this mob has a number of personalities that are reflected in its face’s design, The Panda has a total of seven different personalities all offering different faces.

Minecraft’s Panda has a total of twenty hearts for the majority of personality types and the Panda has an attack strength of just two hearts. Both the total number of hearts the Panda has and the attack strength varies depending on the type of personality the Panda has.

  • Normal pandas:
    • The standard Panda that has no unique personality features/actions.
    • This Panda features a total of twenty hearts as well as having an attack strength of two hearts.
  • Brown pandas:
    • This Panda is exceedingly similar to the Normal Panda, the main difference between this panda and the Normal Panda is the color change from Black and White to Brown and White.
    • This is the only Panda to feature a different color scheme to the Normal Panda.
  • Worried pandas:
    • Worried Pandas often avoid not only the player but also most hostile mobs.
    • This type of Panda also shakes and hides their faces during a thunderstorm.
    • Worried Panda’s don’t eat bamboo or cake items on their own.
  • Playful pandas:
    • Playful Pandas features not only the ability to roll even as adults but the face of this Panda has it’s tongue out.
    • One important feature is that this ability to roll can lead the Panda to take damage or even to be killed.
  • Weak pandas:
    • Weak Pandas are the only Pandas to have just half the health of when compared to any other Panda-type.
    • Weak Pandas also has a face that reflects their sick (or Weak) status by having some snot coming out of its nose.
  • Aggressive pandas:
    • The aggressive Panda type features a significantly stronger attack strength having a total of six hearts of attack strength.
    • One key difference between the Aggressive-type and any other type of Panda is that once hit the aggressive Panda will target and attack the player or mob until the target dies or the target goes beyond the detection range
  • Lazy pandas:
    • Lazy Pandas normally lie on their backs and are slower than normal Pandas.
    • This type of Pandas is the slowest land mob in all of Minecraft.

With this large range of personality types, Panda is by far the most expressive and complicated mob in all of Minecraft.