Minecraft Update Brings Honey Block After Bees And Honey, Game Offers Newest Vacation Destination

Minecraft Update Brings Honey Block After Bees And Honey, Game Offers Newest Vacation Destination
Credit: Minecraft via YouTube

The latest Minecraft update is bringing forth finally the honey block. This was after the developer added bees and honey into the sandbox title’s gameplay.

The Mojang video game has been around since November 2011. Since then, several expansions have already been incorporated into the game.

In a snapshot of the 1.15 update, it was discovered that honey block would be part of the game already. With the upcoming expansion, the players have two options to maximize the presence of the honeycomb block. They can either use it to build a house or jump over it while roaming around. They, therefore, can show off their parkour skills with the new Minecraft update.

A few months ago, the avid fans of the game started a thread on Reddit. They had exchanges on the things they want to see in the Java 1.15 update.

Based on their discussion, there are several inclusions they want the upcoming expansion to boast of. Some of them were rallying for more color options for the blocks. Meanwhile, others were more interested to see a purpose for the bats’ existence. Accordingly, instead of getting annoyed by the flying creatures, gamers can make use of them. They could probably help in building houses, gardens, and others.

Apart from these wishes, fans would also like the highly anticipated Minecraft update to be about the cave or Nether. This desire will happen soon, particularly in the early part of 2020.

The Nether expansion is expected to integrate more features enhancing the location’s landscape. It would be introducing new biomes that will make the construction more fun and challenging at the same time. These would be launched together with new blocks.

The Nether, being a hellish place, is not easy to visit. Players have to be fully equipped to beat the enemies along the way.

Through its Twitter account, the developer revealed that the next Minecraft update would have Nether as a vacation destination. Regarded as a new stop for the “hottest holiday,” a survival kit is necessary.

The destination for the next family getaway is “incredibly dangerous” amid its “picturesque” landscape. Despite the danger, it poses, players could still enjoy the journey as they witness “enthusiastic wildlife” and “rich” culture.

Gamers can create different portals, either big or small. These could be in various shapes, too.

In the meantime, the Minecraft mob likewise has a hand in designing their mode of transportation to the Nether. And this is something that should excite them further.

Keep posted for more news and updates before the new Minecraft update drops next year.